SiteGPT is designed to function as a unique customer support tool, providing an advanced alternative to ChatGPT that focuses exclusively on addressing client queries related to your specific product range. Cause a stir in visitor engagement by deploying an intelligent AI conversationalist trained from your web content to handle inquiries with skill and speed.

To lend a hand in customer support, SiteGPT is packed with a host of features. It boasts the capability to import training content from any source, providing contextual conversational understanding. By enhancing responses with Q&A, the AI is equipped to handle complex conversations with ease. For future-proofing your customer interaction, SiteGPT also offers support for GPT-4 technology.

In terms of installation, SiteGPT is designed to be embeddable on any website and offers options to customize its appearance to match your brand’s aesthetic. The intelligent design also features Quick Prompts and Smart Follow up Prompts, allowing for smooth and continued engagement with users.

Another core feature that stands out in SiteGPT is the function “Escalate to Human,” giving your support team a safety net by knowing when it’s time to handover to a human executive. All chat history is recorded and can be analyzed for further improvement.

With sophisticated multi-language support, SiteGPT leaves no stone unturned for global customer outreach. Be it lead generation or functions such as email summaries; SiteGPT delivers comprehensive customer interaction reports into your inbox.

Lastly, its integration capabilities are truly extensive. From Messenger, Google Chat, WhatsApp, and Crisp to business tools such as Slack, Hubspot, Zendesk, and Freshchat, SiteGPT is designed to mold itself into your existing digital ecosystem seamlessly.

SiteGPT Pricing Starting at $49 per month

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