June 7, 2023

Shmooz AI

Your All-in-One AI Assistant for WhatsApp

Best for:

  • WhatsApp users
  • Business professionals
  • Artists needing AI support

Use cases:

  • Summarizing lengthy documents quickly
  • Generating AI art for creative projects
  • Personalized AI responses tailored to user preferences

Users like:

  • Customer Support
  • Marketing
  • Creative

What is Shmooz AI?

Quick Introduction

Shmooz AI is an all-in-one AI assistant designed specifically to elevate your messaging experience on WhatsApp. It provides a variety of functionalities including art creation, article summarization, file interaction, and general virtual assistance. The tool is incredibly user-friendly, making it a fantastic choice for individuals who frequently depend on WhatsApp for both personal and professional interactions.

Do you use Shmooz AI?

Whether you’re looking to streamline your workflow or just want an AI companion to assist you with everyday tasks, Shmooz AI offers a comprehensive and adaptable solution.

Shmooz AI is tailored to suit a wide range of users. From business professionals needing quick summaries of lengthy documents to artists looking for instant, AI-generated images, the tool ensures that everyone finds it beneficial. By simply starting a message with

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