‘ShipGPT AI’ is a comprehensive code assistant that provides an extensive boiler plate encompassing virtually all AI use cases designed for your specific requirements. Rather than hiring full stack developers and AI dev wrappers, users have direct access to a ready-made AI repository built on the most recent libraries, models and practices.

‘ShipGPT AI’ enables users to transform their applications into AI-driven apps or construct new ones effortlessly. Its comprehensive backend allows for the creation of AI products like ChatBase, ChatPDF, Jenni AI, Audio Pen, Chat Doc, ChatDox, ChatWebby, or infusing your unique ideas into it.

It is designed with the aim to have users delivering AI swiftly. It offers the functionality of integrating AI into existing apps/websites with numerous use cases such as Conversational Chatbots for various file types, audio files, video files, YouTube videos, your website’s data, with upcoming support for image use cases.

Utilizing ‘ShipGPT AI’ can preserve over 60 hours and approximately $10K in development costs. It provides an assortment of resources including Langchain js trainings and deployment, 20+ Prompts, APIs development in Express node js for each use case, Pinecone research & deployment, use cases development, optional AWS and the latest builds and updates.

The tech stack includes Langchain Js, Pinecone Vector Storage, Node Express Js, Open AI, and forthcoming Open Source support. What sets ‘ShipGPT AI’ apart is its no dependence on third-party licenses or APIs. It uses open-source and easily maintainable libraries.

Adopting ‘ShipGPT AI’ eliminates the need of hiring full-stack developers to write complex AI logics. Users pay once for lifetime updates. The team behind ‘ShipGPT AI’ boasts experience in creating an impressive range of AI use cases and products, dispatching new AI products every 2 weeks, and providing much-needed live support to help in building your use cases.

Exciting future enhancements include User Auth Front End, Stripe checkout sessions Back End with User Management, Supabase Support for vector storage, Type Sense Support for vector Storage, Llama2 Support for LLM, and Falcon 40B LLM.

ShipGPT AI Pricing Starting at $49

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