June 1, 2023


SaneBox, an email assistant, helps declutter inboxes and save time with features like automated sorting, one-click unsubscribe, and follow-up reminders, complementing various email...

What is SaneBox?

Introducing SaneBox, an innovative email assistant designed to streamline email management and declutter users’ inboxes. This powerful tool not only saves time but also enhances productivity by allowing the effective handling of emails on the go using the SaneBox iOS app. Individuals and professionals alike can reap the benefits of this exceptional service, compatible with various email providers such as Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo, and iCloud. Key features of SaneBox include automated inbox sorting, ensuring important emails remain in the inbox while distractions are moved to the SaneLater folder. Users can also schedule breaks from email notifications with the Do Not Disturb feature and effortlessly unsubscribe from unwanted emails with a single click.

Do you use SaneBox?

Additionally, SaneBox offers email snooze functionality, temporarily postponing non-urgent messages, and follow-up reminders to notify users when awaiting a reply. SaneBox users can further hone their inbox management skills through the Inbox Zero Academy, providing invaluable resources for maintaining organized inboxes. This email assistant is ideal for individuals struggling with email overload, professionals aiming to save more than 2 1/2 hours per week on email management, and mobile users seeking efficient on-the-go email handling. Embrace a more organized and productive email workflow today with SaneBox, and regain control over your inbox. Alternative to SaneBox:


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