ABOUT Rhombus

The Rhombus unified cloud platform is a venerable player in the realm of physical security management. The platform impressively integrates advanced AI detection, diligently safeguarding physical environments while harnessing the efficiency of a unified cloud-based interface. By revolutionizing the conventional physical security management models, Rhombus has made a bold statement in the sphere of modern security solutions.

This AI-powered platform works tirelessly around the clock, leveraging top-tier AI detection capabilities. In an ever-evolving world where physical security cannot be taken for granted, Rhombus capably stands as a line of defense. The platform not only maintains the integrity of existing security systems, but it also enhances them by layering on its robust cloud-based solutions. A comprehensive system of this nature that merges innovative AI technology with traditional security paradigms is what sets Rhombus—the unified cloud platform for physical security management—apart in its sector.

Rhombus Pricing Starting at $498/installation

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