June 15, 2024


The Best Screenshot Management App for macOS

Best for:

  • Content Creators
  • Power Users
  • Privacy-Conscious Users

Use cases:

  • Organizing Screenshots
  • Searching Text Within Images
  • Safeguarding Screen Data

Users like:

  • Marketing
  • IT
  • Content Creation

What is Recally?

Quick Introduction

Recally is the ultimate screenshot management tool designed exclusively for macOS. Tailor-made for power users, content creators, and anyone who takes screenshots regularly, Recally transforms the mundane act of capturing screen snapshots into a well-organized, efficient, and secure process. By combining powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR), flawless encryption, and totally offline operation, this app ensures your data remains private and easily accessible.

The primary problem Recally seeks to solve is the age-old issue of screenshot bloat and disorganization. As someone who frequently needs to capture, organize, and reference screenshots, I found that most built-in macOS solutions fell short. Whether it was losing track of screenshots, dealing with unsearchable text within images, or concerns about online data security, Recally provided a much-needed, comprehensive solution. From effortless capturing with simple keyboard shortcuts to advanced image segmentation and URL linking, this app has revolutionized my workflow.

Pros and Cons


  1. Complete Offline Functionality: Your data stays on your device, ensuring maximum privacy.
  2. Advanced OCR and AI-Driven Visual Searches: Makes text within images fully searchable and retrievable.
  3. High Security: Uses ChaCha20-Poly1305 encryption to keep your data safe.


  1. Limited to macOS: No availability for Windows or Linux platforms.
  2. Premium Features Require Payment: Some of the advanced functionalities come at a cost.
  3. No Cloud Backup: While offline functionality is great for privacy, it eliminates automatic cloud backups.


  1. Effortless Screenshot Management: Organize, browse, and search screenshots with ease.
  2. High-End Security: All data is encrypted and remains offline.
  3. Advanced Search Capabilities: Real-time OCR and AI-driven visual searches.

Features and Functionality

  • Advanced OCR: Real-time Optical Character Recognition (OCR) ensures all text within screenshots is easily searchable. Perfect for those who often reference text-heavy images.
  • High Security: Comprehensive encryption protocols protect all data, screenshots, and icons using ChaCha20-Poly1305 encryption. Your data never leaves your device, providing peace of mind.
  • Offline Operation: Functions entirely offline, meaning your data remains solely on your device with no need for internet access. Ideal for individuals who prioritize privacy.
  • AI-Driven Visual Search: Uses sophisticated AI to find images quickly through simple text descriptions. A time-saver for those who need specific images fast.
  • Image Segmentation and URL Linking: Segment images to identify various elements and automate URL linking from Safari and Chrome via AppleScript. Streamlines organization and referencing.

Integration and Compatibility

Recally is designed exclusively for macOS. This focus allows it to take full advantage of macOS-specific features like AppleScript for URL automation.

Do you use Recally?

While the tool does not integrate with other software or platforms like Windows or Linux, its robust, standalone nature compensates for this limitation. Users seeking strong integration with macOS-specific functionalities will find this tool ideal.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Improved Efficiency: Quickly manage and retrieve screenshots with advanced features like OCR and AI visual search.
  • Enhanced Security: Local storage and end-to-end encryption ensure maximum data protection.
  • Ease of Use: Intuitive interface and seamless workflow improvements, including keyboard shortcuts.
  • Total Privacy: Operates entirely offline, so your data stays on your device.
  • In-Depth Search Capabilities: Multiple search modes facilitate quick retrieval of specific images or text.

Pricing and Licensing

Recally follows a freemium pricing model. Basic functionalities like screenshot capturing and organizing are free, while advanced features like real-time OCR, AI-driven visual searches, and URL linking require a subscription or one-time purchase. No free trials are offered for these premium features, but their value can be observed in the immediate improvement of workflow efficiency.

Support and Resources

Recally offers robust support options, including email support through recally-support@fchtechnology.tech. The app includes comprehensive documentation and an in-app help section, making it easy to learn and utilize all features. Currently, there is no community forum, but the email support team regularly updates FAQs based on user inquiries.

Recally as an Alternative to:

Compared to other screenshot management tools like Skitch or Snagit, Recally truly shines in its offline capability and encryption features. While Skitch and Snagit offer cloud storage and sharing options, Recally’s focus on privacy and security is unparalleled. For users who prioritize keeping their data local and secure, Recally is the superior choice.

Alternatives to Recally:

  • Skitch: Good for general screenshot management with cloud options, useful for collaborative projects but lacks Recally’s robust offline and security features.
  • Snagit: Offers advanced editing features and cloud integration, ideal for those needing more editing capabilities. However, it doesn’t focus on encryption and offline functionality like Recally.
  • Lightshot: Simple and easy-to-use, great for quick screenshots and sharing but lacks advanced features like OCR and high security that Recally provides.


In summary, Recally stands out as a top-tier screenshot management tool for macOS users. Its unique emphasis on encryption and offline operation ensures unparalleled privacy and data security. For users who require advanced search capabilities, efficient screenshot management, and secure data handling, Recally is a must-have tool that enhances productivity and peace of mind.


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