Publer AI Assist

ABOUT Publer AI Assist

Introducing Publer AI Assist, an AI-powered social media assistant designed to revolutionize content creation and scheduling. This innovative tool offers an array of features and benefits to enhance users’ social media management experience.

Content generation is a breeze with Publer AI Assist’s advanced algorithms that craft unique and relevant content tailored to users’ requirements. The efficient scheduling feature enables users to schedule up to 500 posts using CSV files or other bulk options while recycling top-performing content.

Collaboration becomes effortless as Publer AI Assist allows multiple team members to work together, managing various brands and organizing upcoming social media posts. The tool also provides valuable analytics, allowing users to collect social media data and export PDF reports for performance insights.

Visual content is expertly handled with Publer AI Assist’s real-time design and preview functionality, enabling users to create stunning social media posts and efficiently organize their visual content.

Whether users represent businesses and influencers aiming to optimize their social media presence, bloggers and content creators seeking efficient scheduling and management, or marketing teams working to collaborate and analyze performance metrics for improved strategies, Publer AI Assist caters to various individuals and businesses’ needs in the realm of social media management.

Publer AI Assist Pricing Starting at $115.51/mo

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