July 22, 2023


AI-powered app for prostate health monitoring.

Best for:

  • Middle-aged Men
  • Men Over 45
  • People with BPH

Use cases:

  • At-home prostate health monitoring
  • Recording urinary symptoms
  • Sharing health data with doctors

Users like:

  • Urology
  • Telehealth Services
  • Clinical Research

What is proudP?

Quick Introduction

proudP is an innovative AI-powered app designed specifically for at-home prostate health monitoring. Catering predominantly to men over the age of 45, the app tracks and provides insights into urinary health, aiding early detection and management of prostate conditions such as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). In an age where personal health management is increasingly vital, proudP empowers users to take charge of their prostate health from the comfort of their homes by giving them the tools to monitor urinary symptoms, track fluid intake, and share comprehensive data with healthcare professionals. This capability not only facilitates a more informed conversation with doctors but also helps in crafting a personalized health strategy.

proudP addresses a critical health issue impacting 1 in 3 men over the age of 45 who might experience early signs of prostate changes, such as frequent nighttime bathroom trips or a weak urine stream. By utilizing advanced AI algorithms, proudP ensures clinical accuracy, making it an FDA Class II medical device that is not just endorsed by urologists but also aligns with HIPAA compliance for privacy and data security. Whether you’re actively monitoring your prostate health due to existing symptoms or using it preventatively, proudP becomes an essential ally in maintaining your overall wellbeing.

Pros and Cons


  1. Clinical Accuracy: FDA Class II medical device with urologist endorsements ensures reliable and precise health monitoring.
  2. Convenience: Facilitates private and easy home monitoring, eliminating the need for frequent clinic visits.
  3. Comprehensive Tracking: Offers detailed insights with features like voiding diary and fluid intake tracking for effective health management.


  1. Privacy Concerns: Despite HIPAA compliance, some users may still be wary of recording sensitive health data.
  2. Dependence on Technology: Older adults less familiar with smartphones may find it challenging to navigate the app’s features.
  3. Requires Consistency: Effectiveness dips if users are not consistent in logging data, which may affect tracking trends and insights.


  • AI-powered at-home prostate health monitoring.
  • Tracks urinary symptoms and fluid intake with clinical accuracy.
  • Easily shares comprehensive health data with healthcare providers.

Features and Functionality

  • Home Monitoring: Enables private and convenient health tracking from the comfort of your home, removing the necessity for frequent urology clinic visits.
  • Voiding Diary: Records and analyzes urination patterns and frequencies, enabling users to track changes and identify trends over time.
  • Fluid Intake Tracker: Keeps a log of your daily hydration levels, helping to maintain optimal urinary health by ensuring balanced fluid intake.
  • Data Sharing: Facilitates secure sharing of health data with healthcare providers, enabling more tailored and accurate medical advice and treatment plans.
  • Clinical Accuracy: As an FDA Class II medical device, it guarantees high accuracy in health monitoring, boosting users’ and doctors’ confidence in the data.

Integration and Compatibility

proudP seamlessly integrates with iOS and Android platforms, making it accessible on most smartphones and tablets. It’s designed as a standalone tool, and while it doesn’t require integration with other health monitoring systems, it excels in delivering centralized data management that’s shareable directly with healthcare providers via the application.

Benefits and Advantages

  • High Accuracy: Ensures precision in health tracking with FDA Class II certification.
  • Privacy: HIPAA-compliant, prioritizing user data security and confidentiality.
  • User-friendly Interface: Simple and intuitive design, ensuring easy usability across different age groups.
  • Personalized Health Insights: Offers comprehensive data analysis to assist personalized medical consultations.
  • Convenience: Provides the flexibility of tracking health metrics from home, improving user compliance.

Pricing and Licensing

proudP adopts a freemium model to cater to a broad range of users. There is a free trial available that allows potential users to experience the basic features of the application. More advanced features and extended use require a subscription plan, which is competitively priced to ensure affordability while maintaining the high value of services offered.

Do you use proudP?

Paid plans include monthly and annual subscriptions, ensuring flexibility to meet diverse user needs and preferences.

Support and Resources

The app offers a comprehensive set of support options including access to customer service via email and live chat, a detailed FAQ section, and an in-depth user guide. Additionally, there are community forums where users can share their experiences and get advice from fellow users and healthcare professionals. These resources assure users that help is always available should they encounter any problems or have questions about optimizing their use of the app.

proudP as an alternative to:

proudP can be considered an alternative to other prostate health monitoring solutions like Uroflowmetry devices. Unlike conventional medical devices which often require clinical supervision or physical visits to the clinic, proudP offers the same or better utility with added privacy, convenience of home use, and real-time data sharing with doctors. It essentially brings the clinic to the user’s home, without compromising on accuracy and EPA standards.

Alternatives too proudP:

  • UroLift System: Primarily used for BPH treatment, UroLift provides mechanical relief of urinary symptoms but without continuous health tracking capabilities. Ideal for those requiring invasive treatment.
  • MyFlowMate: Another app that tracks urinary health, but doesn’t offer as comprehensive real-time data analysis and sharing possibilities, making proudP a more robust option for continuous monitoring.
  • KegelTrack: Focuses on pelvic floor exercises rather than complete urinary tracking. This app is useful for users focusing more on strengthening pelvic muscles but does not replace all functionalities of proudP.


proudP stands out as a highly effective and user-friendly solution for managing prostate health, particularly in tracking urinary symptoms associated with conditions like BPH. Its combination of clinical accuracy, privacy-compliant data handling, and the convenience of at-home usage ensures it meets the need for frequent health monitoring seamlessly. With its advanced tracking features and integration capabilities, proudP provides significant advantages over similar tools, making it an indispensable ally in maintaining one’s prostate health.

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