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In the category of marketing AI tools, PressPulse AI stands out as an AI-driven assistant, delivering meticulously personalized media opportunities and journalist inquiries on a daily basis. It serves as a remarkable tool for today’s busy professionals, helping them earn high-authority backlinks, significant press coverage, and extend an organic reach as thought leaders—all with just a fraction of the typical time investment.

Not only does PressPulse AI provide access to renowned media outlets such as Forbes, Time, Business Insider, VentureBeat, Mashable, amongst others, but also sources media opportunities through esteemed platforms such as Connectively and HARO*. This functionality significantly minimizes time requirement while simultaneously optimizing the relevance and efficacy of the opportunities procured, aiding both, personal brands and businesses.

PressPulse AI presents a broad range of offerings including, but not limited to, creating niche-focused expert profiles, developing personalized press opportunities, running journalist inquiries sourced from HARO, and enabling access to media outlet domain authority data. It also provides one-click pitch drafting and a risk-free 30-day publicity assurance, complete with a bonus ‘Ultimate PR Outreach eBook’. Worth considering is their complimentary 7-day trial necessitating no credit card information.

Delving into their structured plans, the Team Plan tailors to companies aiming to maximize team-generated press coverage, providing three or more expert profiles. The Agency Plan offers additional white-label options intentionally designed for agencies to boost credibility and streamline outreach efforts across multiple clients.

Utilizing PressPulse AI’s comprehensive range of packages allows for a risk-free exploratory period with a 7-day trial. As an additional safety net, PressPulse AI ensures a 30-day publicity guarantee, promising a full refund for users who pitch to 5 or more opportunities without securing a press mention within 30 days—no questions asked.

Whether an individual is a startup founder, a marketing guru, a healthcare specialist or any form of field expert, PressPulse AI serves as their personal PR aide, simplifying media attention acquisition like never before. Get started today with a free trial and experience the future of customized media outreach at your fingertips, powered by PressPulse AI.

*Please note, the HARO® and Connectively® trademarks are owned by Cision US Inc. is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Cision US Inc.

PressPulse AI Pricing Starting at $19 per month

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