Percept Insight

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Percept Insight, an extraordinary end to end SAAS offering, falls under the productivity category, transforming businesses by providing in-depth insights and actionable outcomes at minimal costs.

For marketers, Percept Insight is an empowering tool, offering the capability to fabricate a profound impact by enabling real-time responses such as push notifications, SMS, and emails based on various user actions. For instance, when a cohort of users abandon their shopping cart, marketers can configure a Whatsapp notification via Percept Insight without the need for intermediary data importing to another tool. This tool further facilitates near real-time execution.

In addition, Percept Insight aids in clearly attributing their marketing campaigns, providing comprehensive understanding of the user funnel ranging from app installs to order placement, or any other primary metric.

Product managers reap the benefits of this tool by gaining efficient insights into the user journey and interaction with the app. It facilitates the creation of user cohorts for in-depth analysis. For instance, Percept Insight can reveal the time taken to place an order, the duration spent to reach a specific episode or page, or the most popular path to a destination, granting deep insights into the successful and underperforming feature sets.

Apart from marketers and product managers, sellers and category managers also find Percept Insight beneficial as it offers various data slices, both historical and near real-time. Along with data analysis, visualization techniques are implemented, permitting users to zoom in and out of the datasets. For instance, category managers are enabled to understand the preferences of customers in specific regions, the price sensitivity of different customer cohorts, and numerous visual representations of the obtained data.

Percept Insight transcends delivery details, capturing order state managements seamlessly, and thereby delivering value-added insights, making it a formidable asset in the productivity tools category.

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