OpalAi, hailing from the 3D category, is an innovative solution that allows users to digitally capture large surroundings effortlessly with LiDAR cameras and swiftly generate precise 2D floor outlines, BIM models, and 3D depictions. With its intelligent algorithm guided by AI, and an accessible application, OpalAi streamlines the task of recording and rendering spatial data.

Key Features:

LiDAR Scanning: OpalAi capitalizes on LiDAR technology to scan expansive surroundings and gather reliable data essential for devising floor blueprints and 3D illustrations.

User-Friendly Design: The application boasts a straightforward and comprehensible layout, facilitating users in maneuvering through the scanning and modification phases.

Texture and Colour Personalisation: OpalAi allows users to add textures and colours within the app itself, bolstering the visual portrayal of the examined environment.

Real-Time Editing and Assessing: OpalAi provides features to alter and measure the scanned data directly on their device, yielding instant feedback and modifications.

Sharing Capabilities: Users can conveniently disseminate the generated floor plans and visualizations in a range of formats relevant to their individual needs.

AI-Backed Precision: OpalAi integrates AI algorithms to guarantee superior accuracy, reducing the chance of mistakes in measurements.

Use Cases:

Real estate professionals can employ OpalAi to create accurate floor plans and 3D visualizations for property listings and marketing strategies.

Construction firms can leverage it for comprehensive and reliable scanning solutions for project planning and documentation.

Remodelling and interior design professionals can use it to capture precise measurements and create visual representations of existing spaces.

Architects and engineers can create accurate 2D floor plans and BIM models for design and construction endeavors using OpalAi. The device is a robust application that equips users with the ability to scan large environments with LiDAR cameras, leading to the creation of precise 2D floor plans, BIM models, and 3D visualizations.

OpalAi Pricing Starting at $19

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