March 7, 2023


Loula simplifies insurance processes for doulas.

Best for:

  • Doulas
  • Birth support professionals
  • Healthcare providers working with Medicaid/Medi-Cal

Use cases:

  • Streamlining insurance credentialing
  • Managing insurance claims
  • Ensuring financial stability for birth workers

Users like:

  • Healthcare practices
  • Doula services
  • Insurance administration

What is Loula?

Quick Introduction

Loula is a specialized platform tailored for doulas, primarily assisting with insurance-related tasks. It is designed to enable California-based doulas to work with Medi-Cal by managing everything from credentialing to claim submission. The primary beneficiaries are doulas who seek to focus more on their core responsibilities—providing excellent birth support—while ensuring they have a stable, stress-free financial workflow.

Pros and Cons


  1. Streamlines complex insurance billing processes
  2. Provides financial security with bi-weekly payments
  3. Facilitates easy acceptance of Medi-Cal clients


  1. Currently limited to California
  2. Only useful for doulas working with insurance
  3. 8-12 week onboarding period may be lengthy for some


  1. Handles insurance credentialing and claim submission
  2. Ensures bi-weekly payments for services
  3. Simplifies working with Medicaid clients

Features and Functionality

  • Credentialing Services: Loula assists doulas in getting credentialed with top insurance plans, thus eliminating the heavy lifting associated with adherence to insurance policies.
  • Claim Submission and Payment Collection: This feature allows doulas to focus on providing care instead of worrying about administrative tasks. Loula manages eligibility checks, claim submission, and ensures timely payment collection.
  • Bi-Weekly Payment System: Peace of mind for doulas who can now receive regular bi-weekly payments, providing financial consistency and stability.

Integration and Compatibility

Loula doesn’t require integration with other platforms or software. It functions as a standalone service, focusing solely on California doulas accepting Medi-Cal. As an independent tool, it simplifies insurance-related workflows without needing other technological integrations.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Time-saving: Handles all billing and claim submissions, saving substantial time for doulas.
  • Financial Predictability: Guarantees bi-weekly payments, providing financial peace of mind.
  • Ease of Use with Medi-Cal: Simplifies working with Medi-Cal clients by managing all administrative hurdles.

Pricing and Licensing

While specific pricing details are not disclosed, Loula emphasizes value by handling all tedious insurance-related tasks for its users. The cost structure likely includes an administrative fee for the comprehensive services provided.

Support and Resources

Loula offers very responsive customer support and detailed documentation for its users.

Do you use Loula?

They are guided promptly through credentialing, onboarding, and use of the platform ensuring a seamless experience. Additional resources include an FAQ section and opportunities to join a community forum for shared insights and experiences.

Loula as an alternative to:

Loula is comparable to other forms of practice management software, yet it shines in its specialization for doulas working with Medi-Cal clients. Unlike generic practice management tools, Loula’s tailored support for Medi-Cal users makes navigating insurance paperwork straightforward, and most importantly, reimbursable.

Alternatives to Loula

  1. SimplePractice: Useful for broader healthcare providers; integrates billing and scheduling but lacks a specialization in Medi-Cal doula services.
  2. Kareo: Offers comprehensive medical billing but may not specialize in the unique needs of birthing and doula services.
  3. TheraNest: Focused more on behavioral health but provides robust client management features. However, it does not specialize in doula credentialing or Medi-Cal support.


Loula is a pivotal tool for doulas seeking to simplify their insurance processes and confidently work with Medi-Cal clients in California. Its comprehensive handling of credentialing, claim submission, and stable bi-weekly payment system sets it apart as an indispensable resource that ensures financial and administrative peace-of-mind. Though currently limited in geographical scope, its specialized focus makes it a standout solution in its niche.

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