June 19, 2024

One Publish

Cross-publish to DEV, Hashnode, Medium & more, directly from Notion.

Best for:

  • Tech bloggers
  • Marketers
  • Freelance writers

Use cases:

  • Streamlining cross-publishing
  • Enhancing SEO reach
  • Centralized content management

Users like:

  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Content Creation

What is One Publish?

#Quick Introduction
One Publish is a versatile Chrome extension that enables tech content creators to cross-publish their articles and posts directly from Notion to various platforms such as DEV, Hashnode, Medium, and Ghost CMS. It is an essential tool for writers and content creators who aim to streamline their publishing process while reaching a broader audience. By integrating with Notion, One Publish provides a unified workspace where users can manage all their content and post updates efficiently. The primary goal of One Publish is to simplify and optimize the cumbersome task of manual post publishing across multiple platforms, allowing creators to focus more on content creation rather than distribution.

The extension is particularly advantageous for tech bloggers, marketers, and freelance writers who need to maintain an active presence on multiple platforms. One Publish ensures that your posts are always fresh and visible to a diversified audience, enhancing your SEO efforts substantially. The ease of use combined with security-first features makes it a reliable companion for anyone looking to amplify their online footprint while maintaining control over their content’s distribution and privacy.

Pros and Cons


  1. Streamlined Cross-Publishing: Publish to multiple platforms directly from Notion with just a few clicks.
  2. Time-Saving: Eliminates the repetitive tasks associated with manual posting, allowing creators to focus on their content.
  3. Enhanced SEO: By reaching a wider audience across multiple platforms, it boosts the overall visibility and SEO of the content.


  1. Platform Limitations: Currently supports only DEV, Hashnode, Medium, and Ghost, with more platforms promised in future updates.
  2. Dependency on Notion: Requires users to manage their content through Notion, which may not be ideal for everyone.
  3. Subscription Required: Full access to all features may necessitate a subscription plan.


  • Simplifies cross-publishing directly from Notion to multiple platforms.
  • Enhances SEO by reaching a wider audience.
  • Provides a unified workspace for content management.

Features and Functionality

  • Easy Cross-Publishing: One-click publishing from Notion to supported platforms ensures you save time and effort.
  • Centralized Content Management: Manage all your posts within Notion, enhancing your workflow efficiency and overall content strategy.
  • SEO Enhancement: Improving SEO by expanding reach and enhancing content discoverability across multiple platforms.
  • Advanced Security: Secure data encryption and privacy protection measures, ensuring your data remains safe.
  • User-Friendly Setup: Quick setup process with easy-to-follow guides, enabling even the least tech-savvy users to get started quickly.

Integration and Compatibility

One Publish is specifically designed for integration with Notion, ensuring seamless operation within the Notion workspace. Platforms currently supported include DEV, Hashnode, Medium, and Ghost CMS. Setting up these integrations is straightforward, requiring only API keys or tokens for each platform, which are securely stored within One Publish’s database.

Do you use One Publish?

There are future plans to expand the list of compatible platforms, enhancing its usability over time.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Unified Content Management: Maintain control over all your content within a single workspace.
  • Enhanced Reach: Cross-publishing helps in targeting a more extensive audience, significantly enhancing SEO.
  • Time-Saving: Simplifies the otherwise repetitive and tedious tasks involved in posting to multiple platforms.
  • Security: Advanced encryption and secure storage processes ensure your data remains protected.
  • User Control: Full control over API keys allows users to manage their data securely.

Pricing and Licensing

One Publish offers a freemium model, allowing users to get started for free with limited features. To access the full suite of functionalities, including unlimited cross-publishing and enhanced security features, users may need to subscribe to a paid plan. The subscription options will be detailed on the One Publish website or within the extension itself.

Support and Resources

Users of One Publish have access to various support resources, including comprehensive documentation, a how-to-use guide, and customer service support. Additionally, users can suggest features, read FAQs, and watch tutorial videos available on the platform. For further assistance, users can contact One Publish via email.

One Publish as an Alternative To

Compared to traditional manual posting methods or other cross-publishing tools, One Publish shines in its simplicity and direct integration with Notion. Unlike other tools which may require complex setups or lack seamless integration, One Publish ensures that users can manage their content and post updates in a cohesive and streamlined manner.

Alternatives to One Publish

  1. IFTTT: It allows automation of posting tasks between multiple platforms but may not integrate directly with Notion as seamlessly.
  2. Buffer: Known for social media scheduling, Buffer can manage posts across multiple channels but lacks a centralized content management workspace like Notion.
  3. Zapier: Offers extensive automation capabilities but can be complex to set up and manage compared to One Publish’s straightforward approach.


One Publish stands out as a specialized tool for tech content creators, streamlining the process of cross-publishing from Notion to multiple platforms. Its robust feature set, easy integration, enhanced SEO benefits, and data security measures make it a valuable asset for anyone looking to amplify their online presence through efficient content distribution.


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