Olvy Changelogs

ABOUT Olvy Changelogs

Introducing Olvy, an AI-powered changelog tool specifically designed to enhance customer support by keeping users well-informed about product updates. Among its key features and advantages, Olvy offers:

– No-code experience: Customize changelogs effortlessly without writing any code
– Customization options: Incorporate custom CSS and change domains for a seamless alignment with the product
– Language support: Improve user experience through integration with feedback widgets
– AI-generated content: Automatically generate bullet points, summaries, and edit releases, as well as correct spelling and grammar errors
– Integrations and analytics: Effortlessly connect with various platforms, such as GitHub, Slack, Discord, and Zapier, while tracking readership statistics

Olvy is the perfect solution for a diverse range of businesses, including:
– Product teams in search of a more efficient way to inform users about updates
– Development teams aiming to integrate release management with their existing tools
– Companies striving to enhance user experience by offering customizable changelogs and language support

In summary, Olvy provides a swift, efficient, and user-friendly method for managing and sharing updates, thereby significantly improving customer support.

Olvy Changelogs Pricing Starting at $24/mo.

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