February 17, 2023

Obviously AI

The fastest, most precise no-code AI tool ever.

Best for:

  • Business Analysts
  • Sales & Marketing Operations
  • Data Scientists

Use cases:

  • Lead Conversion
  • Fraud Detection
  • Dynamic Pricing

Users like:

  • Business Analysts
  • Sales & Marketing Operations
  • Data Scientists

What is Obviously AI?

Quick Introduction

Obviously AI is a groundbreaking no-code AI tool designed for business analysts, sales and marketing professionals, operations teams, data scientists, executives, analytics leaders, and software engineers who need to quickly and efficiently transform raw data into industry-leading predictive models. Catering primarily to users without a technical background in AI or data science, this tool enables you to build AI models with just a few clicks, drastically shortening the time from months to mere minutes. Obviously AI removes the need for coding knowledge, making predictive analytics accessible and practical for a wide variety of business use cases, including lead conversion, fraud detection, dynamic pricing, and predicting property prices.

With such a diverse user base, from micro-lending companies predicting loan repayments to agriculture businesses forecasting yields, Obviously AI proves its versatility across many different industries.

Do you use Obviously AI?

To experience firsthand the time and cost savings, users can begin building AI models immediately, with the added benefit of expert 24×7 support. For businesses looking to automate and improve their predictive analytics processes, this tool is a game-changer, combining ease of use with powerful predictive capabilities.

Pros and Cons

**Pros: **

  1. No coding required: Allows non-technical users to build AI models quickly and effortlessly.
  2. Fast model-building: Produces industry-leading AI models in minutes, not months.
  3. Dedicated expert support: Offers 24×7 access to data scientists for assistance with data-related tasks.

**Cons: **

  1. Limited customization: While easy to use, some advanced users may find customization options limited compared to coding-based alternatives.
  2. Reliant on data quality: Predictive accuracy is heavily dependent on the quality of the input data.
  3. Subscription cost: The cost may be prohibitive for smaller businesses operating on tight budgets.


  1. No-code AI model building: Quickly goes from raw data to AI models without the need for coding.
  2. Ultra-fast time-to-value: Converts data into actionable models in minutes, not months.
  3. Comprehensive support: Includes dedicated data scientist support 24×7.

Features and Functionality

  • Model Building: Enables non-technical users to create powerful AI models with just a few clicks, making it accessible to a broad audience across different industries.
  • Model Deployment: Facilitates the rapid deployment of AI models into production with a single click, alleviating the need for extensive DevOps effort.
  • Model Monitoring: Ensures ongoing model accuracy and performance through automatic monitoring, combined with

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