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My Queue: A Versatile Text-to-Speech Platform

My Queue is a user-friendly platform designed to enable users to save and listen to their favorite articles anytime, anywhere. As a versatile text-to-speech tool, My Queue is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, making it easily accessible for all users.

The key features of My Queue include the ability to save articles from the web and add them to a personalized listening list. With automatic language detection for 48 different languages, users can listen to a diverse range of articles with ease. My Queue is designed with a focus on reducing screen time, providing an alternative way to consume content through listening rather than reading.

To add My Queue to your home screen for quick access, simply open in the Safari browser on your smartphone, log in to your My Queue account, click the “Share” button in your browser, swipe down and select “Add to Home Screen.”

My Queue serves a multitude of use cases, such as offering users the opportunity to listen to articles during their daily commute, helping to learn new topics while engaging in physical activities, and reducing screen time by listening to articles instead of reading them. With its convenient and practical features, My Queue is the perfect platform for catering to the modern listener’s needs.

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