June 21, 2024

My Training Plan

AI-generated Marathon & Half Marathon training plans

Best for:

  • Marathon Runners
  • Half-Marathon Runners
  • Long-Distance Athletes

Use cases:

  • Training Plan Creation
  • Workout Monitoring
  • Race Preparation

Users like:

  • Fitness Enthusiasts
  • Running Coaches
  • Athletes

What is My Training Plan?

Quick Introduction.

My Training Plan is a cutting-edge tool designed for runners ranging from novice to seasoned marathoners. By leveraging AI to create customized training plans based on your Strava activities, it aims to keep you motivated and on track for your race goals. Instead of generic, one-size-fits-all schedules, My Training Plan adjusts to your specific needs, helping you to train smarter, not harder.

I started using My Training Plan to prepare for my first marathon. My goal was to improve my overall fitness and crush my marathon target. The biggest hurdle had always been consistency and exactly what needed to be done between the start and race day; My Training Plan helped streamline the entire process with ease.

Pros and Cons


  1. Custom Training Plans: Utilizes your Strava data to create personalized plans.
  2. Motivation Tools: Helps you monitor progress and compare against previous cycles.
  3. Pace Calculators: Various calculators for different types of races.


  1. Strava Dependency: Requires integration with Strava for personalized plans.
  2. Limited Platform Availability: Focused primarily on marathon and half-marathon runners.
  3. Cost: Monthly or one-time expenses might not fit all budgets.


  1. Creates custom AI-generated training plans.
  2. Tracks and motivates your progress.
  3. Offers various race pace calculators.

Features and Functionality:

  • AI-Generated Training Plans: Customizes your running schedule according to your fitness history and current activity logged in Strava.
  • Progress Monitoring: Keeps track of your total mileage and compares your progress with previous training cycles.
  • Countdown Timer: Displays time remaining to race day, helping you stay focused on training milestones.
  • Pace Calculators: Provides specific pace calculators for marathon, half-marathon, 10K, and 5K distances for accurate pacing.

Integrations and Compatibility:

My Training Plan seamlessly integrates with Strava, allowing it to accurately track your training history and activities. Currently, Strava is a requisite for creating personalized plans, making it straightforward for those already using the platform. Although it lacks broader compatibility with other running apps, this integration ensures precision in tailoring your training plan.

Benefits and Advantages:

  • Precise Customization: Accurate training plans crafted directly from your Strava data.
  • Motivational Tools: Features designed to keep runners on track and motivated.
  • Race Preparation: in-built calculators and countdowns keep you competitive and prepared.
  • Time-Saving: Takes out the guesswork, optimizing your training for maximum efficiency.
  • Enhanced Performance: Helps to hit targets by adapting dynamically to training progress and needs.

Pricing and Licensing:

My Training Plan offers two subscription plans:

  • Single Race Plan: $15.99 (sale price $7.99) for preparing for a single race.
  • Unlimited Races Plan: $49.99 (sale price $24.99) for unlimited races, allowing multiple cycle preparations within a given year.

    Do you use My Training Plan?

    Both plans include custom training plan creation, progress tracking, and access to all pace calculators. A 7-day refund is available upon request.

Support and Resources:

Support for My Training Plan is available via direct email. Additionally, there is an FAQ section on the website to resolve common questions. While documentation is apparent, the platform could benefit from a dynamic community forum for users to interact and share experiences.

My Training Plan as an alternative to:

My Training Plan stands out as a superior option compared to offline training schedules and generic marathon prep plans. Unlike traditional plans, it uses real-time data from Strava, providing a personalized experience that adjusts dynamically to changes, ensuring optimal readiness come race day.

Alternatives to My Training Plan:

  • Hal Higdon’s Training Plans: Often used by beginners, these plans are housepet-friendly and provide structured guidance, albeit in a static format.
  • Nike Run Club: Offers various training plans, but lacks the depth of customization that My Training Plan provides through the integration of personal data via Strava.
  • TrainingPeaks: Another advanced tool accurate for multiple sports, but is often more complex with a steeper learning curve.


My Training Plan harnesses AI capabilities by integrating with Strava to create advanced, customized marathon and half-marathon training schedules. It’s an ideal solution for runners who want a tailored, motivational, and efficient training regime. While it excels in personalization and efficiency, ensuring you’re race-ready, it is heavily dependent on Strava and focuses specifically on longer-distance race preparation.


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