February 17, 2023

maya.ai by Crayon Data

B2B AI Solutions for Enterprises

Best for:

  • Large Enterprises
  • Financial Institutions
  • Travel Agencies

Use cases:

  • Customer Lifecycle Management
  • Data Transformation
  • Custom AI Platform Sets

Users like:

  • Marketing
  • Data Science
  • Customer Relations

What is maya.ai by Crayon Data?

Quick Introduction: What is the Tool? Who is it for? What Does it Do? (Doesn’t Need Header)

maya.ai by Crayon Data is a cutting-edge AI platform specifically designed for enterprises seeking to unlock the value of their data. This tool is suitable for businesses across various industries such as banking, digital payments, travel, and consumer products. The platform boasts a cloud-agnostic, full-stack solution that delivers flexible building blocks. These components cater to various needs, including customer management, data management, AI marketplaces, travel assistants, and payment journeys. maya.ai helps enterprises drive deeper customer engagement, optimize data, and accelerate decision-making processes through powerful analytics and AI-driven recommendations.

For any business aiming to harness the power of AI-driven insights, maya.ai serves as an invaluable resource. It turns raw data into gold by leveraging the power of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence. Through its broad array of features, ranging from customer lifecycle management to influencing marketing strategies, maya.ai provides a comprehensive framework for data-driven decisions. What’s more, its cloud-agnostic nature implies it can work seamlessly with whatever cloud platform the enterprise is already utilizing, offering flexibility and scalability.

Pros and Cons


  1. Highly Flexible: The platform’s modular components allow for tailored solutions, adaptable to the unique needs of various enterprises.
  2. Cloud-Agnostic: It integrates seamlessly with a variety of cloud solutions, offering maximum flexibility.
  3. Comprehensive Feature Set: From data management to AI-assisted travel planning, maya.ai covers a lot of ground.


  1. Requires Technical Expertise: Setting up and customizing the platform might require significant technological know-how.
  2. Complex Pricing: The numerous features can make the pricing model appear overwhelming.
  3. Potential Overkill: Smaller enterprises might find the vast array of features too extensive for their needs.


  • Provides AI-driven enterprise solutions for varied industries.
  • Flexible, cloud-agnostic platform offering versatile modules.
  • Enhances customer engagement, optimizes data, and accelerates decision-making.

Features and Functionality

  • Customer Management: Provides personalized recommendations and orchestrates customer journeys for improved engagement and lifetime value.
  • Data Management: Converts raw datasets into actionable business insights through advanced analytics and AI processing.
  • AI Marketplaces: Drives customer interaction and spending through an omni-channel marketplace experience.
  • Travel Assistant: Automates and personalizes travel planning and booking processes using intelligent AI recommendations.
  • AI Payments: Increases monetization through modular payment journeys and integrations with high-value services.

Integration and Compatibility

maya.ai is designed with platform-agnostic flexibility, meaning it can seamlessly integrate with various existing cloud solutions, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Additionally, the AI tool offers integrations with enterprise systems like CRMs, data warehouses, and marketing automation platforms to bring about a cohesive and streamlined workflow.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: AI-driven personalized customer experiences drive deeper engagements.
  • Improved Data Utilization: Transform raw data into strategic assets through advanced AI analytics.
  • Enhanced Decision-Making: Speeds up decision-making processes, reducing time-to-insight and unlocking actionable intelligence.

Pricing and Licensing

maya.ai offers modular pricing solutions, which include capabilities divided into Premium and Enterprise tiers. Each tier provides different degrees of features, such as data processing capabilities, AI-led recommendations, and infrastructure deployment either on Crayon’s Virtual Private Cloud or the enterprise’s own environment.

Do you use maya.ai by Crayon Data?

Add-ons such as SSO integration, AI shopping assistants, and multi-language support are also available at additional costs. Flexible payment options ensure the tool can match the exact needs of various business sizes and verticals.

Support and Resources

maya.ai provides a variety of support options, including extensive documentation, customer service helplines, and community forums. There is a demo library for firsthand understanding of the solutions and use cases, and an innovation hub for developing or customizing AI solutions. Crayon Data also offers tailored support channels including dedicated AI experts to guide seamless deployment and optimization of the tool.

maya.ai as an Alternative to:

Compared to tools like IBM Watson, maya.ai offers significant added adaptability with its cloud-agnostic capabilities. Whereas IBM Watson often demands usage of IBM’s own cloud infrastructure, maya.ai provides unparalleled flexibility, allowing enterprises to leverage their existing cloud environments. This drastically reduces new overheads and infrastructure investments, making maya.ai a more versatile alternative.

Alternatives to maya.ai:

  1. Salesforce Einstein: Ideal for enterprises already entrenched in the Salesforce ecosystem. Einstein seamlessly integrates with Salesforce CRM to deliver advanced analytics and AI-driven recommendations tailored for customer relationship management.
  2. Google Cloud AI: Functions well for businesses heavily reliant on Google’s suite of cloud services. Its extensive machine learning capabilities enable powerful AI applications but may be too generic for heavily specialized needs like those maya.ai fulfills.
  3. Amazon SageMaker: Targeted towards developers and data scientists, this tool allows for the development, training, and deployment of machine learning models at scale. It’s highly flexible but might require more in-house technical expertise compared to maya.ai.


maya.ai by Crayon Data is a powerful and highly adaptable AI-driven enterprise solution crafted to enable businesses to capitalize on their data’s potential fully. With a comprehensive suite of features covering customer management, data processing, and targeted marketplaces, maya.ai provides unparalleled flexibility and capability. Its cloud-agnostic nature makes it particularly appealing for enterprises looking to integrate AI within their existing cloud infrastructure seamlessly. Businesses across various industries will find maya.ai a potent tool for driving customer engagement, optimizing data, and accelerating insightful decision-making.

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