MagicChat AI

ABOUT MagicChat AI

Introducing, a low-code/no-code chatbot builder designed to help you craft a ChatGPT-inspired chatbot for your website. By simply providing a link to your site or uploading documents,’s AI system will learn from your content and deliver personalized responses to your customers’ inquiries within seconds.

Key features of include:

– Easy Setup: Supply a website link or upload documents, and the AI will learn from your content.
– Multilingual Support: is capable of supporting over 95 languages.
– Customizable Interface: Name your chatbot, choose instructions, and set language preferences to personalize the experience.
– Secure Data Storage: safeguards your document content and never shares data with third parties.
– Powered by ChatGPT & GPT-4: Leverage cutting-edge AI technology for an exceptional chatbot experience.
– Instant Support: Respond quickly and comprehensively to customer questions using your content and documentation.
– Internal Knowledge Sharing: Enhance the efficiency of your team by granting instant access to essential information.
– AI Copywriting: Generate top-notch content with a ChatGPT tailored to your business (tutorials coming soon).
– Integration Options: Easily integrate with your website, app, Slack, or other platforms (tutorials coming soon).
– Advanced Analytics: Access chat history, frequently asked questions, and other valuable insights (coming soon).

By using, you can elevate multiple aspects of your business such as customer support, internal knowledge sharing, AI copywriting, and seamless integration with various platforms, ultimately enhancing communication and improving productivity.

MagicChat AI Pricing Starting at $19.99

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