June 21, 2024


Launch presale or waitlist landing pages in minutes without coding

Best for:

  • Indie Hackers
  • Startups
  • Founders

Use cases:

  • Creating prelaunch and waitlist pages
  • Managing early sales
  • Validating product ideas

Users like:

  • Marketing
  • Product Development
  • Sales

What is Licode?

Quick Introduction

Licode is a versatile and user-friendly platform designed to help indie hackers, founders, and startups launch presale or waitlist landing pages efficiently, without any need for coding skills. Whether you’re looking to validate a new product idea, build a community of early adopters, or create a sales funnel, Licode has you covered with its intuitive interface and rich feature set. By focusing on enabling swift launches and integrations with popular payment providers like Stripe and Lemon Squeezy, Licode saves you time and money, allowing you to concentrate on product development and marketing.

The primary function of Licode is to accelerate the prelaunch process by providing a range of premium templates, content editors, and integration options, making it suitable for anyone from solo entrepreneurs to teams. The platform simplifies otherwise complicated tasks such as setting up payment options and connecting custom domains. Its user-friendly approach ensures you can focus more on validating your concepts with real audience feedback from signups or early sales revenue, all managed within the same platform.

Pros and Cons


  1. Ease of Use: No coding skills required makes it accessible for entrepreneurs of all skill levels.
  2. Integration Capabilities: Seamlessly integrates with Stripe and Lemon Squeezy for secure payment processing.
  3. Cost Efficiency: Competitive pricing plans with a one-time lifetime deal available.


  1. Limited Customization: Template-based design might restrict complete creative freedom.
  2. Dependence on Existing Templates: A limited range of themes may not cater to all niche requirements.
  3. Subscription Lock-in: Premium features locked behind a subscription might not appeal to all users.


  • Launch presale or waitlist pages swiftly with no coding.
  • Integration with Stripe and Lemon Squeezy for payments.
  • Use out-of-the-box premium templates for a professional look.

Features and Functionality

  • Premium Templates: Choose from a variety of professional templates to launch your page in just one click.
  • Simple Content Editor: Easily edit and manage the content of your landing page without any technical know-how.
  • Sales Revenue Monitoring: Keep track of early sales revenue effortlessly within the platform.
  • Integration with Payment Providers: Seamlessly connect with Stripe or Lemon Squeezy for secure and efficient payment processing.
  • Custom Domain Support: Utilize your own custom domain for a more personalized and branded landing page.

Integration and Compatibility

Licode stands out for its strong integration capabilities with payment providers such as Stripe and Lemon Squeezy, allowing you to handle transactions directly from your presale or waitlist pages. This feature simplifies financial management and provides peace of mind with secure transactions. Besides these integrations, Licode can connect your landing pages to custom domains, enhancing your brand’s professionalism and trustworthiness. Though it doesn’t have a wide range of platform integrations, its standalone functionality is sufficient for launching and managing effective prelaunch campaigns.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Time-Saving: Launch pages in minutes instead of hours or days.
  • Cost-Effective: Reduced costs compared to traditional development or hiring a developer.
  • Focus on Validation: Quickly validate your ideas with real audience feedback and revenue.
  • Security: Secure payment integration with trusted providers.
  • Customization: Connect your custom domains for better branding.

Pricing and Licensing

Licode offers a tiered pricing structure to accommodate different needs:

  • Free Plan: $0/month, includes unlimited pages with up to 100 waitlist submissions per page and usage of Licode subdomain and all templates.
  • Lifetime Deal: $99 (one-time payment) provides everything in Pro plan, including all future updates.
  • Pro Plan: $20/month for unlimited pages, unlimited waitlist signups, custom domain integration, payment processing with Stripe or Lemon Squeezy, and premium support including chat and email.

Support and Resources

Licode provides a variety of support options to assist users.

Do you use Licode?

They offer chat and email support, ensuring you can get help when you need it. Additionally, there’s comprehensive documentation available to guide you through using the platform’s features. For more interactive assistance, a community forum is also offered where users can share experiences and troubleshoot collectively.

Licode as an Alternative to:

Licode serves as a powerful alternative to tools like Unbounce or Leadpages. While Unbounce offers advanced customization and landing page optimization features, Licode stands out by focusing on simplifying the prelaunch process for non-technical users. Compared to Leadpages, which also offers robust lead generation functionalities, Licode’s unique selling proposition lies in its ease of use and specialized features for presale and waitlist management.

Alternatives to Licode:

  1. Unbounce: Ideal for users needing more advanced customization and landing page optimization tools.
  2. Leadpages: Offers extensive lead generation features, though it might be more complex for those needing a straightforward solution.
  3. LaunchRock: Specializes in creating coming soon pages with robust social media integration, which could be suitable for ground-up community building.


Licode is an excellent tool for anyone looking to streamline the creation of presale or waitlist landing pages without delving into coding. Its robust integrations, user-friendly interface, and cost-effective plans make it a go-to solution for validating new ideas quickly and efficiently. Whether you are an indie hacker, a startup founder, or part of a larger team, Licode offers the tools you need to get your ideas off the ground with minimal effort.

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