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Keywords Everywhere is a comprehensive SEO tool that allows users to discover long-tail phrases, complete with accurate search volume, CPC, and competition data. This powerful tool also provides “People Also Search For” data along with volume metrics by pulling keywords from Google and Bing, right inside the search pages.

One of the remarkable features of Keywords Everywhere is its ability to estimate historical search volume (from 2004) using Google Trends. Users can view and download volume data at monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly levels. Additionally, this SEO tool provides page and website level traffic metrics and keywords analysis, enabling users to view the top 5000 keywords any webpage or website ranks for in the top 20 Google search results, along with the estimated traffic it receives.

Moreover, Keywords Everywhere offers ChatGPT Templates, which are detailed prompts generated to make it easy for users to find and utilize the best prompts for specific tasks. The tool assists in creating the perfect prompt for desired outcomes and even allows customization of writing style and tone of voice for content that aligns with a specific brand voice. The more information users input into a prompt, the better and more specific the content they receive from ChatGPT.

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