June 20, 2024


Continuous Authentication with Zero Effort Login

Best for:

  • Business Professionals
  • Private Individuals
  • Security-Conscious Users

Use cases:

  • Preventing Phishing Attacks
  • Safeguarding Email Integrity
  • Enhancing Communication Security

Users like:

  • IT Department
  • Compliance Department
  • Executive Team

What is INVISID?

Quick Introduction
INVISID is a revolutionary tool designed for secure email communication. It is perfect for anyone concerned about the safety of their email exchanges, from business professionals to private individuals. What INVISID does is unique—it secures your Gmail and Outlook emails against phishing and fraud by validating the human sender’s typing pattern. This innovative approach helps recipients verify the authenticity of the email sender, ensuring that the communication hasn’t been compromised.
One of the standout features of INVISID is its seamless integration process. Users can download INVISID from the Chrome Webstore, and it supports Gmail with Chrome or Edge, as well as Outlook with Chrome, Edge, or Windows Desktop (New Outlook). By analyzing and recognizing your typing patterns, INVISID effortlessly verifies your identity in the background, never interrupting your daily email activities. This tool is indispensable for companies and individuals who need to safeguard their email communications from external threats.
### Pros and Cons
Confidentiality: Provides high levels of security by protecting emails from unauthorized access.
Invisible Security: Works silently in the background without disrupting daily activities.
Easy Integration: Quick and easy setup that takes less than 2 minutes.
Platform Limitations: Currently limited to Gmail and Outlook on specific browsers.
Learning Curve: Requires some initial setup to capture and process typing patterns.
Manual Verification: Manual steps may be needed if the recipient does not use INVISID.
### TL;DR
– Validates email sender’s identity via typing patterns.
– Seamlessly integrates with Gmail and Outlook.
– Provides background, hassle-free security.
### Features and Functionality
Typing Pattern Recognition: Monitors and validates your unique typing style to confirm authenticity.
Seamless Background Operation: Runs invisibly in the background without interrupting normal workflow.
Simple Integration: Quickly integrates with Gmail and Outlook, requiring less than 2 minutes for setup.
Security Alerts: Notifies recipients if an email sent from your account does not match your usual typing pattern.
Cross-Account Verification: Allows certificates to be verified manually, even if the recipient does not use INVISID.
### Integration and Compatibility
INVISID integrates seamlessly with Gmail and Outlook email clients. It supports Chrome and Edge browsers, as well as the Windows Desktop version of the new Outlook. The application is lightweight and easy to install from the Chrome Webstore, making the integration process quick and efficient. This ensures broad compatibility with major email providers and platforms.
### Benefits and Advantages
Enhanced Security: Protects email communication against phishing and CEO fraud.
Time-Saving: Offers invisible, real-time security without additional steps for the user.
Confidentiality: Ensures that email content remains private and secure from unauthorized access.
Easy to Use: Simple setup process allows for quick adoption.
Adaptable: Can learn and adapt to changes in typing patterns for continuous protection.
### Pricing and Licensing
INVISID offers a flexible pricing model that includes a free trial period, allowing users to experience the basic features at no cost.

Do you use INVISID?

There are also subscription-based plans available that provide advanced functionalities and priority support. The pricing tiers are designed to accommodate both individual users and larger organizations with variable needs.
### Support and Resources
INVISID provides excellent support options, including customer service via email and extensive documentation available on their website. They also have a community forum where users can seek help, share experiences, and discuss issues with others. This ensures that all users have access to the resources they need to make full use of the tool.
### INVISID as an alternative to:
INVISID is an exceptional alternative to traditional email security solutions such as two-factor authentication (2FA) and email encryption tools like ProtonMail. While 2FA adds an extra layer of security, it can be cumbersome for users. Conversely, INVISID offers an effortless and intelligent approach by validating typing patterns. Unlike ProtonMail, which focuses on encryption, INVISID ensures sender authenticity without requiring changes to email providers.
### Alternatives to INVISID:
ProtonMail: Known for its built-in encryption and user privacy, ProtonMail is a suitable alternative for users looking for end-to-end encryption.
Mailvelope: An extension for browsers that enables end-to-end encryption for email services, ideal for users who prefer encryption methods over behavioral authentication.
Duo Security: Provides multi-factor authentication but may require more manual intervention compared to INVISID’s seamless background operation.
### Conclusion:
INVISID stands out as a must-have tool for securing email communications. With its unique typing pattern recognition, seamless integration, and invisible operation, it provides unparalleled security for Gmail and Outlook users. This tool is perfect for businesses and individuals looking to protect against phishing and CEO fraud. By offering a top-tier solution that is both user-friendly and highly effective, INVISID leads the way in email security innovation.


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