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Interview Solver, an education assistant tool, pierces through the trepidation of coding and system design interviews with unerring AI acumen. Designed for tech enthusiasts of all stripes, from experienced engineers to recent graduates, this tool helps users effectively display their knowledge and skillsets to interviewers.

A prime feature of Interview Solver is its imperceptible integration with any interview model. The tool cleverly employs global hotkeys, allowing users to summon the AI Co-pilot inconspicuously. This aids users in tackling challenging queries or strategizing their responses without drawing attention to the AI’s presence. The AI Co-pilot functions quietly in the backdrop, delivering unimpeded support without undermining the interview pace.

Interview Solver is generously endowed with two significant aspects rendering it priceless during interviews: screenshare and highlight text.

The screenshare function allows a user to share their screen directly with the AI Co-pilot, empowering it to scrutinize user code and offer instantaneous feedback and guidance. Whether users grapple with a particular code line or optimize their solutions, the AI Co-pilot stands ready to steer towards the right course.

In contrast, the highlight text function emerges as a distinct game-changer. It can generate comprehensive explanations and potential solutions simply by highlighting the desired question or problem statement. It serves exceptionally in confronting complicated or unfamiliar themes during an interview. The AI Copilot liberates the interviewees from fretting over instant solutions and blesses them with well-articulated, exhaustive responses, making Interview Solver a key link in landing your dream job.

Interview Solver Pricing Starting at $49 per month

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