ABOUT, a powerful Language Model (LLM) tool, revolutionizes the way users interact with language models in several programs by using selected text and a simple shortcut key. As part of the code assistant category, this remarkable tool offers a smooth and efficient method for obtaining relevant information.

Key Features:

– Seamless LLM Query Integration: enables users to initiate LLM queries by using selected text and a convenient shortcut key across any program.
– Searchable Query History: With a searchable history, users can easily refer to previous queries at any time.
– Incorporation of Private Data Sources: has the capability to access private data sources like PDFs, DOCX, and TXT files, resulting in personalized and comprehensive answers.
– Focus on Higher Order Thinking Tasks: By harnessing the power of language models, allows users to concentrate on higher-order thinking tasks, increasing overall productivity and quality.
– Strict Data Usage and Retention Policies: This tool has stringent policies in place, prioritizing user privacy by not storing or using user inputs for training purposes and limiting OpenAI data retention to 30 days.
– Privacy and OpenAI API: abides by the strict OpenAI API policies, ensuring user privacy. It requires an OpenAI API key (available through a subscription service) for access.
– Future Offline Model Support:’s creators are actively working to incorporate local offline models to enhance user privacy further.

Use Cases:

– Researchers can employ to analyze vast amounts of text data swiftly, consequently improving efficiency and facilitating comprehensive insights.
– Content creators will benefit from using to generate ideas, refine writing, and elevate content quality, leading to more engaging and impactful results.
– Students and educators can utilize to access pertinent information, verify sources, and deepen their understanding of various subjects, promoting effective learning and knowledge acquisition.

In summary, is an invaluable tool that streamlines LLM queries and offers privacy-conscious features. With its seamless integration, searchable history, and the ability to incorporate private data sources, empowers users to extract meaningful insights efficiently.


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