November 8, 2023


Haptik is a top-rated conversational CRM platform enhanced by generative AI, part of the generative AI tools category.

What is Haptik?

Haptik, a conversation-leading CRM system, stands at the vanguard of Generative AI tools. Power-packed with significant functionalities, Haptik supersedes its contemporaries with its advanced blending of AI that subtly enhances all your business interactions and customer relations. Built with rigorous consideration to simplify customer relationship management, Haptik booths an impressive Artificial Intelligence-backed dialogue system.

Do you use Haptik?

This incredible generative AI tool aids in smartly initiating, managing and controlling business discussions. The innovative insertion of AI technology equips Haptik to address queries, engage in problem-solving discussions and provide informative responses pertaining to business inquiries. Thus, Haptik navigates the CRM space with unparalleled conviction, substantiating its position as the best Conversational CRM guided by Generative AI.

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