FormWise: A Comprehensive AI Tool Solution

Introducing FormWise, an exceptional AI tool designed to deploy custom GPT apps without the need for coding. This versatile product allows users to design AI tools, forms, and widgets for their end users, fulfilling a wide range of functions.

1. SEO Onboarding Form: With FormWise, create onboarding forms with keyword research fields and copy generation, which lets GPT carry out the SEO heavy lifting for your team.
2. Digital Marketing Planner: Generate marketer-friendly prompts for end users to fill in their business details, and produce copy, suggestions, emails, and more using just one form.
3. Q&A Generator: By simply pasting your knowledge base or FAQs into the backend prompt, FormWise can dramatically enhance the customer experience with direct and accurate answers to their inquiries.
4. Snapshot Copy Generator: When it comes to generating industry-specific snapshot copy for your HighLevel builds, FormWise is the go-to tool. Seamlessly embed forms into your onboarding process, eliminating the need for back and forth with ChatGPT.
5. Programming Code Debug Generator: Utilize GPT to provide specific backend instructions for debugging or creating new code in any programming language, whether it’s for internal tool or client use.
6. Industry-Specific Content Generator: Effortlessly build forms and content generators with FormWise to address unique use cases or industries, customizing backend prompts to cater to the specific needs of your industry.
7. Ingredient Recipe Generator: Develop content generators that create meal plans, fitness routines, and even recipes with the ingredients you provide. Tailor your prompts to respect dietary needs or restrictions.
8. Language Translator: Design a language translator with FormWise, similar to Google Translate, that could be embedded anywhere. Use prompt instructions to specify actions post-translation, such as emailing or integrating responses.
9. AI Travel Advisor: Let FormWise plan your next trip, generating detailed itineraries based on interests, trip length, budget, and more. Recommend vendors for clients or let AI handle the entire trip planning process.

Explore the many features of FormWise and transform the way you utilize AI tools for your business and personal needs.

FormWise.AI Pricing Starting at $29/mo.

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