February 17, 2023

Digital First AI

Automated Marketing Strategy Creation & Execution

Best for:

  • Startups
  • SMBs
  • Marketing Agencies

Use cases:

  • Automated Marketing Strategy
  • Content Generation
  • Campaign Execution

Users like:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Business Development

What is Digital First AI?

Quick Introduction

Digital First AI is an advanced platform designed to assist marketers, entrepreneurs, and organizations in crafting and executing marketing strategies effortlessly. It leverages artificial intelligence to create personalized, data-driven marketing tactics based on a few inputs from the user. Essentially, it’s like having your marketing assistant working 24 hours a day, ready to deliver optimized strategies to increase revenue and enhance digital growth. Designed for businesses of all shapes and sizes, Digital First AI is particularly beneficial for those aiming to gain a competitive edge through strategic marketing without the exhaustive traditional planning phases. Digital First AI offers a holistic approach to digital marketing, integrating seamlessly with modern technology stacks to provide consistent growth recommendations. I came across this tool while searching for a streamlined solution to advance our online campaigns with minimal manual intervention. The aim was to find a platform that could not only suggest effective strategies but also help us execute them swiftly. Several viable options were reviewed, but Digital First AI stood out, mainly due to its comprehensive tactic library and AI-driven personalization capabilities. The platform’s user-friendly interface marks the beginning of a transformative journey in digital marketing.

Pros and Cons


  1. Automated Strategy Creation: Saves significant time by generating intricate marketing strategies in just minutes.
  2. Personalized Tactics: Provides tailored recommendations based on specific business data and goals.
  3. Community-Driven Library: Access to a wealth of strategies from well-known brands and experienced marketers enhancing overall marketing knowledge.


  1. Cost: The full potential of the tool is locked behind a premium paywall, which may not be accessible for small startups.
  2. Learning Curve: As powerful as it is, the breadth of features can be overwhelming at first.
  3. Dependence on Accurate Inputs: The tool relies heavily on the user’s ability to provide accurate business data for generating recommendations, which can be a hurdle for some users.


  1. Automates marketing strategy creation, saving time.
  2. Provides personalized and data-driven tactic recommendations.
  3. Offers access to an expansive library of tested marketing strategies.

Features and Functionality

  • AI-Driven Recommendations: Digital First AI offers cutting-edge AI tools that analyze business inputs to suggest optimal marketing tactics. This feature turns complex data into actionable insights, drastically reducing manual analysis time.
  • Comprehensive Tactic Library: With over 500+ marketing strategies tried and tested by top brands and seasoned marketers, users can adopt proven methods, ensuring effective campaign results.
  • Campaign Execution: Beyond planning, the platform aids in implementing recommended strategies. Users can follow guided steps to launch campaigns quicker, ensuring consistency and effectiveness.
  • Content Generation: Utilizing advanced AI algorithms, this feature automatically creates various content types including blog posts, social media updates, and website copy, enabling faster and consistent content output.
  • Customizable AI Workflows: Users can customize workflows to fit their unique business needs, ensuring fitter integrations and greater adaptability for specific requirements as business scales and evolves.

Integration and Compatibility

Digital First AI prides itself on its versatility in integration. It effortlessly integrates with popular platforms like Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms minimizing disruption during marketing campaigns. Additionally, it has API capabilities allowing for customized integrations with in-house solutions or bespoke CRM systems, making it a standalone yet powerful tool in most tech stacks. This ensures seamless communication and data flow, vital for effective performance tracking. Its compatibility across multiple channels ensure maximized outreach and tailored campaign efforts, leading to significant improvements in marketing metrics.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Time Efficiency: Automates time-consuming tasks allowing for quick strategy formulation and execution.
  • Enhanced Decision-Making: Data-driven insights ensure all strategies are backed by robust analytics improving campaign success rates.
  • Community Knowledge Pool: Access to well-documented, transparent tactics from established experts fosters better campaign designs.
  • Productivity: The AI’s capabilities focus human resources on high-impact tasks by automating routine processes.
  • Scalability: Customizable workflows enable small businesses and large organizations to use it effectively, ensuring growth as the business scales.

Pricing and Licensing

Digital First AI offers a tiered pricing model to accommodate various business sizes and needs. The base plan starts at $99 per month, providing core features such as AI-driven recommendations and library access.

Do you use Digital First AI?

Intermediate plans offer enhanced features like advanced content generation and customizable workflows for $199 per month. For larger enterprises requiring complete functionalities and dedicated support, premium plans are available, tailored to user needs upon request. Subscriptions can be upgraded as needs evolve, ensuring flexibility and allowing for scaling.

Support and Resources

Digital First AI offers robust support channels to its users. There’s a comprehensive help center with detailed documentation and guides. Users have access to customer service through live chat and email support, ensuring quick issue resolution. Additionally, there is an active community forum where users can share experiences, seek advice, and collaborate on best practices. This communal support enhances the user experience and encourages collective learning.

Digital First AI as an alternative to:

Digital First AI shines as an alternative to comprehensive marketing platforms like HubSpot. Unlike HubSpot, which is primarily CRM-focused, Digital First AI centers on tactical marketing strategy automation. It provides more considerable customization of workflows and specializes in providing AI-driven tactical recommendations. This focus makes it particularly suitable for businesses seeking high-impact marketing initiatives rather than comprehensive CRM tools integrated with marketing functionalities.

Alternatives to Digital First AI:

  • HubSpot: Known for its robust CRM integration and inbound marketing suite. HubSpot is suitable for businesses seeking an integrated CRM-marketing tool, emphasizing lead tracking alongside marketing execution.
  • Marketo: This tool is preferred for larger enterprises with deep marketing automation needs and offers extensive analytics capabilities, particularly relevant for B2B marketers focused on account-based marketing.
  • Hootsuite: Primarily focused on social media marketing, Hootsuite offers excellent content scheduling and analytics, which can complement Digital First AI’s tactic library by focusing on specific channels.


Digital First AI emerges as a powerful tool revolutionizing how businesses approach digital marketing strategies. By leveraging advanced AI capabilities, it automates the creation of intricate marketing tactics tailored to individual business needs. Suitable for various industries, it promises improved productivity, strategic insights, and seamless campaign execution. Whether you’re a startup eager to expand your reach or a large enterprise looking to streamline your marketing efforts, Digital First AI offers a comprehensive solution that ensures sustained growth and meaningful engagement. Access to a wealth of communal knowledge and robust support channels further enhances this transformative journey in digital marketing.

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