February 17, 2023


Detect AI-generated content while browsing the web.

Best for:

  • Educators
  • Content Creators
  • SEO Specialists

Use cases:

  • Verifying authenticity of student essays
  • Content quality checks
  • Maintaining SEO integrity

Users like:

  • Education
  • Marketing
  • Journalism

What is DetectGPT?

Quick Introduction

DetectGPT is a Chrome extension designed for those vigilant about the authenticity of content they come across on the web. Whether you are an educator scrutinizing student essays, a content creator aiming to maintain the integrity of your work, or a journalist verifying sources, this tool assists you in identifying whether content was generated using AI tools, such as ChatGPT. By readying itself in your browser, it ensures you can swiftly and smoothly run a scan on textual content, providing an immediate overview of AI involvement. It’s especially a boon for SEO professionals wary about AI-generated spam content potentially tampering with search rankings. DetectGPT leverages AI technology trained on popular Natural Language Processing (NLP) models, enabling it to detect text generated by prominent AI systems like GPT-3.5, GPT-3, GPT-NEO, GPT-2, and others. This implies it can effectively sieve out AI-authored content, helping teams differentiate between human-written text and machine-made scripts, ensuring authenticity in both internal and external communication.

Pros and Cons


  1. Ease of Use: The extension is incredibly straightforward, requiring no account or subscription—just install and start detecting.
  2. Precision: With a 94% accuracy rate on GPT-3 raw output, it provides highly reliable results over large sample sizes.
  3. SEO Protection: Useful for safeguarding search rankings by identifying and excluding potential AI-generated spam.


  1. False Positives: As it is with most AI tools, there is a risk of false positives where human-generated content might be falsely flagged as AI-generated.
  2. Limited Scope: While DetectGPT excels with certain AI models, it might struggle with AI-generated content produced by newer or less mainstream models.
  3. Lack of Mobile App: Currently, it operates only within the Chrome desktop environment, limiting on-the-go usage or cross-device functionality.


  • Identifies if web content is AI-generated.
  • Trained on leading NLP models.
  • No account or signup needed.

Features and Functionality

  • Easy Installation: Simply add the extension to Chrome, and you’re set to begin immediate scans—no registration required.
  • Content Verification: Copy any text and either right-click to scan or use the manual check to verify if content was AI-generated.
  • Page Scanning: Visit any web page, refresh the extension, and get instant results—detecting AI content embedded anywhere online is a breeze.
  • Model Training: Designed by training on some of the most widely used NLP models like ChatGPT, GPT-3.5, and GPT-NEO, ensuring it accurately detects AI text.
  • SEO Safeguarding: Helps protect against AI-generated spam that might lower search engine rankings, particularly critical for digital marketers and content managers.

Integration and Compatibility

DetectGPT is specifically a Chrome extension and integrates seamlessly within the Chrome browser on a desktop. While it harnesses the computing prowess of popular NLP models, it needs no integration with other software or platforms, making it very much a stand-alone tool. This allows for a concentrated approach ensuring that its focus on detecting AI-generated content remains undiluted without worrying about compatibility issues with other software.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Improved Accuracy: Its high accuracy rate makes it a reliable tool for distinguishing between AI and human-written text predominantly generated by GPT and other mainstream models.
  • Enhanced SEO Efficiency: Protects SEO efforts by identifying AI-generated spam, ensuring high-quality, authentic content consistently ranks.
  • User-Friendly: No intricate signup process. Install and scan—keeping procedural ease at the core of its design.
  • Versatile Utility: From educators to digital marketers, it serves a wide array of users, making it an adaptable addition to various professional toolkits.
  • Privacy: As no account is needed, the risk of personal data breaches is minimized, enhancing user confidentiality.

Pricing and Licensing

DetectGPT distinguishes itself with its simplicity in use, and it extends this simplicity to its pricing model—by having none. This Chrome extension is entirely free to use. There’s no subscription, no hidden charges, and no premium tier. The developers have made DetectGPT open access, significantly boosting its appeal and making it accessible to a larger user base.

Support and Resources

Support for DetectGPT includes a thorough help section on their provider’s website, ensuring all user queries and potential technical difficulties can be swiftly addressed.

Do you use DetectGPT?

The developers can also be contacted for more specific concerns. Additionally, the lack of need for an account simplifies use and reduces complexity in troubleshooting.

DetectGPT as an alternative to

DetectGPT stands as a notable alternative to AI content detectors like Copyscape or Grammarly’s plagiarism checkers. Unlike Copyscape, which is a paid service focusing particularly on plagiarism, DetectGPT identifies AI-generated content specifically—it’s specialized, free to use, and easy to install. Similarly, while Grammarly is known for its comprehensive grammar checks and some degree of plagiarism detection, it does not primarily focus on the AI-generated aspect in the way DetectGPT does.

Alternatives to DetectGPT

  1. Copyscape: While better for identifying plagiarized human content, it’s more costly and not as AI-focused specifically. Use it if the primary concern is content originality in terms of human duplication.
  2. Grammarly: Though more general-purpose and more focused on grammar and readability, it offers a suite of writing tools with some plagiarism detection capabilities. Go for Grammarly if looking for an all-rounded writer’s companion tool.
  3. Turnitin: Primarily targeted at academic institutions to detect plagiarism in student submissions. Use Turnitin if needing an institutional-level solution with comprehensive detection capabilities, albeit not focused solely on AI content.


DetectGPT is a user-friendly Chrome extension power-packed with capabilities to detect AI-generated content rapidly and accurately. It serves an array of professionals from educators to SEO specialists navigating the modern web’s content credibility terrain. With no signup needed and by training on leading NLP models, its robust design underscores ease of use and high reliability. Though certain limitations exist like false positives and limited model scope, the strengths it brings to the table in boosting content authenticity and protecting SEO far outweigh them. For those seeking an aid to ensure human touch in their online interactions and content, DetectGPT proves to be a valuable ally.

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