ABOUT CrystalSound

Introducing CrystalSound, an exceptional audio editing solution that leverages AI technology to provide a noise-free and distraction-free audio experience during calls, recordings, and online meetings. This cutting-edge tool is designed with sophisticated algorithms and top-notch features that expertly filter out background noise, echo, howling effects, and other voices, ensuring crystal-clear communication.

As a remarkable product in the audio editing category, CrystalSound offers a wide range of features:

1. Bidirectional Noise Removal: CrystalSound efficiently eliminates unwanted ambient noise in both outgoing and incoming calls in real-time, while maintaining HD voice quality.
2. Clarity Improvement: By amplifying audio frequencies (from 8kHz to 16kHz, and from 16kHz to 32kHz), CrystalSound enables listeners to perceive voices more vividly.
3. HD Voice Enablement: CrystalSound’s full-band model significantly improves audio quality, delivering unmatched HD Voice experience.
4. Audio Loss Concealment: With its advanced technology, CrystalSound can automatically conceal up to 5% missing audio due to data loss during transmission.
5. Acoustic/Room Echo Suppression: CrystalSound adeptly eliminates echo from both empty rooms and users’ voices during calls, ensuring an echo-free conversation.
6. Personalized Audio Enhancement: Powered by AI, CrystalSound auto-tunes and optimizes user’s audio based on their voice characteristics and surrounding environment.

Don’t let noise and distractions hinder effective communication – choose CrystalSound for an unparalleled audio editing experience.

CrystalSound Pricing Starting at $10/mo.

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