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Introducing Crisp: The Ultimate Customer Support AI Tool

Crisp is an AI-powered customer support tool, designed to streamline and enhance customer service by providing faster, more precise answers. As a prominent offering in the customer support category, Crisp’s key features include:

No Setup Required: Launch Crisp right away, as its proprietary AI model demands no setup or installation, making it instantly accessible for teams.

All-In-One Solution: Crisp’s AI assistant comes with an array of comprehensive features such as a website chat widget, chatbot, CRM, shared inbox, ticketing system, campaigns, knowledge base, and status page for system monitoring.

MagicReply: A virtual assistant that delivers personalized responses to customers based on their past interactions.

Multilingual and Multichannel: With support for multiple languages and channels, Crisp offers a global and versatile customer service experience.

Free Trial: Users can explore Crisp’s capabilities risk-free with a 14-day trial period.

Benefits of Crisp include improved customer service through prompt and accurate responses, immediate use without installation hassle, leveraging diverse features to cater to various customer service needs, personalized service with advanced machine learning, and global versatility with multi-language and multi-channel support.

Additional Features: Crisp’s MagicReply can succinctly summarize recorded conversations, facilitating smooth agent shift changes, and enabling the switch between audio and text messages instantly. The AI tool also manages API uptime for a seamless user experience. Over 500,000 brands have already adopted Crisp to elevate their customer experience, and it supports languages such as English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, Finnish, and more.

Crisp MagicReply Pricing Starting at $14/mo

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