June 18, 2024


AI-powered hiring platform for recruitment teams

Best for:

  • Recruiters
  • Hiring teams
  • Businesses

Use cases:

  • Streamlining hiring processes
  • Enhancing candidate engagement
  • Deriving insights from hiring data

Users like:

  • Human Resources
  • Recruitment
  • Business Operations

What is Clous?

Quick Introduction

Clous is an AI-powered hiring platform designed for recruitment teams, businesses, and HR professionals. It streamlines the entire hiring process from job posting to candidate hire, and focuses on engaging candidate experiences. Whether you’re a small team, a scaleup, or a business with no dedicated HR function, Clous brings all your hiring data into one place. By harnessing AI and data-driven insights, it helps you make informed hiring decisions, thus improving overall productivity.

Leveraging over 20 use cases, Clous has been fine-tuned with recruitment experts to offer the most useful applications. It automates repetitive tasks and provides valuable insights from previously unused hiring data. With Clous, your fragmented candidate data across different tools is consolidated, allowing you to derive meaningful insights and help you engage with talent more effectively. This tool is suited for any organization looking to streamline their hiring process and improve candidate experiences.

Pros and Cons


  1. Comprehensive Data Consolidation: Clous brings all your fragmented hiring data into one centralized platform, making it easily accessible and actionable.
  2. AI-Driven Insights: The tool utilizes AI to provide valuable insights from your candidate data, enabling better decision-making.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: Clous’s simple and intuitive design ensures that even teams without technical expertise can use it effectively.


  1. Limited Integration Options: While Clous works seamlessly with popular tools like Calendly and LinkedIn, it might not integrate with more specialized or less common applications.
  2. Pricing Structure: The pricing, though transparent, might be a concern for smaller companies with limited budgets.
  3. Onboarding Requirement: Some users may require time to fully understand and optimize the breadth of features offered by Clous.


  • Centralizes all your hiring data into one platform
  • Uses AI to provide insights and streamline tasks
  • Enhances candidate engagement and experiences

Features and Functionality

  • Centralized Data Management: Consolidate fragmented candidate data into a single platform for easy access and better decision-making.
  • AI-Powered Insights: Utilize AI to derive actionable insights from hiring data, improving the effectiveness of hiring strategies.
  • Automated Task Management: Automate repetitive tasks like scheduling interviews and sending follow-ups, saving valuable time for recruiters.
  • Customizable Job Postings: Personalize job postings to match specific hiring needs, ensuring the right candidates are targeted.
  • Collaboration Tools: Facilitate team collaboration by sharing candidate data and notes among team members seamlessly.

Integration and Compatibility

Clous is designed to work seamlessly with many common tools you may already use, such as Calendly, ChatGPT, and LinkedIn. This smooth integration ensures that your workflow remains uninterrupted and enhances overall efficiency.

Do you use Clous?

The tool operates effectively as a standalone solution and shines in providing an all-in-one hiring experience.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Improved Decision-Making: AI-powered insights can identify the best candidates quickly.
  • Time Savings: Automates redundant tasks, allowing teams to focus on high-value activities.
  • Enhanced Candidate Engagement: Personalized experiences ensure candidates remain engaged throughout the hiring process.
  • Centralized Management: Single platform for all hiring data, enhancing visibility and control.
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly interface suitable for teams with varying technical expertise.

Pricing and Licensing

Clous offers a Free Plan and an Enterprise Plan with custom quotes. The Free Plan includes up to one live job opening, unlimited team members, and 24/7 customer support. The Enterprise Plan expands these features to unlimited job openings, advanced security, and audit logs, with a dedicated success engineer for personalized assistance.

Support and Resources

Users of Clous have access to multiple support options, including 24/7 email and chat support, a dedicated success engineer for Enterprise users, and comprehensive documentation. Clous also offers access to guides, templates, and a community forum for additional help.

Clous as an Alternative To:

Compared to other popular ATS solutions like Greenhouse or Lever, Clous stands out by offering an integrated AI-powered approach that focuses heavily on improving candidate engagement and consolidating hiring data into one accessible platform. This makes it particularly attractive for businesses that prefer an all-in-one solution without the complications of multiple integrations.

Alternatives to Clous:

  • Greenhouse: Best for larger organizations needing extensive integration options and a highly customizable ATS.
  • Lever: Suitable for companies looking for powerful applicant tracking and advanced analytics capabilities.
  • BambooHR: Ideal for small to mid-sized businesses that need a simple, effective HR and ATS solution with intuitive design.


Clous offers a comprehensive AI-powered hiring solution designed to streamline the entire hiring process while enhancing candidate engagement. With its centralized data management, AI-driven insights, and user-friendly interface, Clous is well-suited to small and mid-sized businesses, scaleups, and teams without dedicated HR functions. By integrating essential tools and simplifying hiring activities, Clous helps recruitment teams save time, make better decisions, and provide an improved candidate experience.


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