ChatDox AI


ChatDox AI is a groundbreaking code assistant that harnesses the power of Language Models (LLMs) to cater to users’ unique needs. The innovative technology behind ChatDox AI allows users to easily interact with their personal AI assistant in their preferred language, simultaneously accessing multiple data sources, from text documents to multimedia file types like audio and video.

Specific features offered by ChatDox AI include:

1. Custom Categories: Users can instruct the AI chatbots using custom prompts, enhancing the relevance and quality of responses.
2. Multi-Lingual: ChatDox AI goes beyond barriers, providing responses in users’ preferred languages, with a promise of adding over 100 languages very soon.
3. Website interaction: The simple process of pasting a URL link enables users to engage with websites directly, saving valuable browsing time.
4. Multi-data source chat: ChatDox AI facilitates interaction with multiple data sources simultaneously.
5. Multimedia interaction: Coming soon, ChatDox AI will offer the capability to interact with audio and video files.
6. APIs: Developers have not been left behind; APIs will be introduced soon.

ChatDox AI is solution-oriented, aiming to provide users with their very own personalized chatbots. It can be a helpful tool for an HR professional providing custom prompts to an HR chatbot, a lawyer drafting emails based on a data corpus, or a student extracting potential questions from a book.

By integrating multiple data sources, ChatDox AI eliminates the need to procure multiple subscriptions for AI chatbot apps. Instead, it serves as a single platform to interact with documents (.pdf, docx, .txt, epub), websites, YouTube, and soon, users can chat with audios, videos, recordings, and Notion Docs.

Further developments on the horizon for ChatDox AI include the addition of APIs, the integration of new data sources like PowerPoint presentations and images, the ability to view your data sources, and the feature to embed chatbots in websites using iframes and script tags.

ChatDox AI, with its focus on user feedback, is proud to be among the pioneers in the chat with data sources category. Their thriving Discord community offers optimal support and feedback forums for existing and new users as they venture into new levels of AI interaction.

ChatDox AI Pricing Starting at $5

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