February 17, 2023


A revolutionary music stem and instrumental creation tool.

Best for:

  • Indie Artists
  • Music Producers
  • Record Labels

Use cases:

  • Remixing tracks
  • Sampling
  • Sync licensing

Users like:

  • Audio Engineering
  • Music Production
  • License Management

What is AudioShake?

Quick Introduction

AudioShake is an innovative AI-driven platform designed for indie artists, label producers, and large enterprises. It specializes in separating tracks into individual stems, making it easier to remix, sample, remaster, and re-imagine music. Whether you’re an independent musician hoping to remix an old track, or a large label needing isolated vocals for a special project, AudioShake simplifies the otherwise complex task of separating audio components.

The platform’s appeal lies in its advanced AI capabilities, transforming the way musicians process their tracks. Developed to support a wide range of audio formats, it ensures high-resolution outputs, which is critical for professional projects. Users simply upload their tracks, and AudioShake does the rest—providing high-quality, individual stems that can be downloaded and used as needed. This tool is for anyone ranging from indie artists to major music labels aiming to maximize their track versatility.

Pros and Cons


  1. High-Quality Stem Separation: Produces exceptional high-resolution outputs ideal for professional use.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: Simplifies the stem separation process to just a few clicks.
  3. Wide Format Support: Accepts various audio formats including mp3, wav, flac, and more.


  1. Cost for Premium Features: While there is a free trial, full access requires a subscription or one-time purchase.
  2. Dependent on Quality of Original Track: Results vary with the quality of the uploaded track.
  3. Learning Curve for New Users: May require some orientation for users unfamiliar with audio processing.


  • Separates audio tracks into stems
  • Supports a variety of audio formats
  • Ideal for remixing, sampling, and other music production tasks

Features and Functionality:

  • High-Resolution Stem Separation: Using advanced AI algorithms, AudioShake can separate tracks into stems like vocals, bass, drums, and others without losing audio quality.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The platform is designed to be intuitive, allowing users to upload tracks and obtain stems in just a few steps.
  • Wide Format Support: Compatible with mp3, wav, flac, aiff, aif, mp4a, and m4a formats, ensuring broad usability.

Integration and Compatibility:

AudioShake seamlessly integrates with several storage platforms like Dropbox and Google Drive, making it highly versatile. While direct integration with DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) isn’t advertised, users can easily import the downloaded stems into any DAW of their choice. The straightforward integration with cloud storage facilitates easy upload and download processes, enhancing the overall user experience. This makes AudiShake a standalone tool but flexible enough to be used in conjunction with other software.

Benefits and Advantages:

  • Enhanced Accuracy: AI-driven processing ensures precise stem separation.
  • Time-Saving: Speeds up the otherwise labor-intensive process of manually separating audio components.
  • Versatility: Suitable for everything from remixing and sampling to sync licensing and remastering.
  • Professional Quality: High-resolution outputs meet the standards required by major labels and independent artists alike.
  • Broad Compatibility: Works with various audio formats ensuring flexibility for users.

Pricing and Licensing:

AudioShake offers a variety of pricing plans to accommodate different user needs. While the exact details are on their pricing page, the platform provides a free trial, subscription, and possible one-time purchase options.

Do you use AudioShake?

This tiered pricing ensures that indie musicians with tighter budgets and large enterprises with more extensive needs can both benefit from the tool.

Support and Resources:

Users have access to a wealth of support options, including customer service, extensive documentation, and a community forum. The company offers detailed FAQs and a blog filled with user stories and best practices, making it easy for users to resolve issues and optimize their use of the platform.

AudioShake as an Alternative to:

AudioShake stands as a strong alternative to traditional DAWs with limited stem isolation capabilities. Unlike typical DAWs, which require extensive manual effort to achieve similar results, AudioShake leverages AI to simplify and accelerate the process. For users of tools like iZotope RX, AudioShake offers a more intuitive and less technical experience.

Alternatives to AudioShake:

  • iZotope RX: This tool is known for its detailed audio processing capabilities but has a steeper learning curve compared to AudioShake. Ideal for those who require more tweaking options.
  • PhonicMind: Offers similar AI-driven stem separation. Best for users who prioritize AI-driven simplicity over manual control.
  • Splitter: Another tool known for quick stem separation although it may not match AudioShake’s quality output. Best for quick, less precise projects.


AudioShake brings a unique blend of advanced AI technology and user-friendly design to the world of audio processing. Its high-quality stem separation, broad compatibility with various audio formats, and range of support options make it a must-have tool for indie artists and major labels alike. If you’re looking to remix, sample, remaster, or simply re-imagine your tracks, AudioShake provides a seamless, professional solution that stands out among its competitors.

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