Athina AI


Athina AI is an indispensable tool in the category of developer tools. It offers developers an innovative way to build reliable LLM applications.

With its advanced monitoring dashboard, Athina AI provides a unified view that covers an array of factors pertinent to the user queries like cost, token usage, latency, evaluation pass/fail rate, and topic classification.

Beyond monitoring, Athina AI plays a pivotal role in promoting accuracy in LLM outputs. Realizing the need for developers to detect hallucinations and inaccuracies in their LLM outputs, Athina AI offers evaluation capacity. Developers have the flexibility of using Athina AI’s prebuilt evaluations, crafting custom evaluations, or integrating their own assessments.

Athina AI doesn’t limit its capacities to applications alone; it goes the extra mile by evaluating LLM generated outputs from RAG based applications. Furthermore, it assesses LLM generated summaries, whether it’s text summary or meeting summaries, cementing its utility in the world of artificial intelligence development.

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