June 19, 2024


Amplifiles: Streamlined Sales Pitches with AI.

Best for:

  • B2B Sales Teams
  • Sales Professionals
  • Customer Success Teams

Use cases:

  • InboundEngage instantly with incoming leads 24/7
  • Cold OutreachPersonalized AI-Powered video pitches to boost conversions
  • Pre-MeetingTurn sales content into brief summary videos
  • Post-MeetingDeliver personalized recap videos after the meeting

Users like:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Customer Success

What is Amplifiles?

Quick Introduction.

[in 300 words minimum]
Amplifiles is an AI-powered sales assistant designed to make buying from you seamless. It’s geared towards B2B sales teams looking to optimize and enhance their sales presentations and pitches. Amplifiles employs advanced artificial intelligence to deliver perfect sales pitches, answer buying committee questions around the clock, and accelerate decision-making, resulting in faster deal closures. The tool empowers internal champions within companies and allows for engaging and precise multilingual pitches. One of the standout features is its dynamic AI Voice-Over which can elevate presentations in 29 different languages, making the content accessible and engaging to a global audience.

If you’re a sales professional tired of repeating the same points over and over or looking to streamline your sales pitch process, Amplifiles might be your game changer. It turns traditional sales content into concise and potent summary videos that keep potential buyers engaged and informed. Whether it’s for pre-meeting preparation or post-meeting recapping, using Amplifiles bridges the communication gap efficiently. Most importantly, Amplifiles integrates seamlessly with your existing CRM, thus aligning perfectly well within your current workflow without the need to change your tools.

Pros and Cons

[Pros and Cons listed with each having a brief description]

  1. 24/7 Availability: Amplifiles can engage with leads and provide information at any time, without needing human intervention, improving lead qualification and nurturing by operating round the clock.

  2. Multilingual Support: With AI Voice-Over capabilities in 29 different languages, it ensures your sales pitches are globally engaging and universally accessible, reaching a broader audience effectively.

  3. Comprehensive Insights: The tool provides detailed customer insights, showing which parts of your presentation most interests potential buyers, enabling more targeted follow-ups and improved sales strategies.


  1. Learning Curve: The tool’s extensive features can require a bit of a learning curve for less tech-savvy users, which might slow initial adoption.

  2. Dependency on AI: Heavy reliance on AI may not resonate well with all stakeholders, particularly those preferring personal touches in interactions.

  3. Cost: While pricing details are not explicit, the rich feature set suggests it might be costly for startups or smaller companies.


[Summary section listing fixed points]

  • Automates and enhances B2B sales pitches with AI.
  • Works 24/7 providing immediate answers and customer insights.
  • Supports multilingual presentations with AI Voice-Over in 29 languages.

Features and Functionality

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  • AI-Powered Pitches: Automatically generate personalized and compelling sales pitches that resonate with your leads.
  • 24/7 Engagement: Continuous interaction with leads providing instant responses to queries, increasing customer satisfaction and lead conversion rates.
  • Multilingual AI Voice-Over: Access to various lifelike voices in 29 languages, making your content globally engaging and inclusive.
  • CRM Integration: Seamlessly integrates with existing CRM systems ensuring smooth transitions and maintaining workflow integrity.
  • Custom CTAs: Dynamic and customizable calls-to-actions driving prospects further into the sales funnel.
  • Tailored Insights: Actionable insights into customer behavior and interest areas for improved follow-up strategies and decision-making.

Integration and Compatibility

[Explanation of integrations & compatibility highlights]
Amplifiles excels in seamless integration with most popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, ensuring all your customer data continues to flow smoothly without any disruption. This compatibility allows sales teams to leverage Amplifiles without restructuring their workflows, enhancing both adoption and functionality within existing ecosystems.

Do you use Amplifiles?

The ability to instantly synchronize data ensures that all actions taken within Amplifiles are reflected across your CRM system, increasing accuracy and operational efficiency.

Benefits and Advantages

[Bulleted listing of distinct advantages]

  • Improves Lead Qualification: Round-the-clock engagement accelerates lead conversion.
  • Expands Global Reach: Multilingual capabilities open up international market opportunities.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Provides actionable insights improving overall sales strategies.
  • Enhances Productivity: Streamlines processes allowing reps to focus on high-value tasks.
  • On-Brand and Professional: Keeps presentations consistent, professional, and aligned with brand identity, impressing your audience effortlessly.

Pricing and Licensing

[Detailed pricing structure understandably addressed, include all tiers if known, otherwise state free tool clearly.]
Amplifiles offers a compelling free-to-try program that allows interested B2B sales teams to request early access and explore its capabilities without any upfront cost or requirement for a credit card. While detailed pricing tiers are not explicitly provided, the depth and variety of features suggest that a subscription-based model will likely be adopted, commensurate with the extensive AI functionalities and integrations it brings to the table.

Support and Resources

[Specification of various support avenues]
Amplifiles offers extensive customer support options including robust documentation and tutorials available online, ensuring users can find answers whenever needed. Additionally, there’s the opportunity to join a community forum, allowing users to connect, share information, and learn from each other. The company also provides direct customer support for troubleshooting and personalized assistance, ensuring all customer inquiries are addressed promptly and effectively.

Amplifiles as an Alternative to:

[Comparison with a known competing tool, highlighting distinctions]
Amplifiles positions itself competitively as an alternative to traditional sales presentation tools like Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides, especially when integrated with CRM platforms like Salesforce or HubSpot. Unlike these tools, which require manual efforts to create, deliver, and follow up on presentations, Amplifiles leverages AI to automate and personalize each step of the process, driving faster and more effective decision-making.

Alternatives to Amplifiles:

[Highlight of 1-3 alternative tools]

  • Gong.io: Ideal for sales teams that want to multiply their impact by capturing and analyzing customer interactions via conversational intelligence. It’s best for those focusing on improving their communication strategies.
  • Crayon: Perfect for those who need to track competitive intelligence and sales enablement resources, helping businesses stay ahead of their competition.
  • Outreach.io: Useful for sales teams that aim to automate and make their outbound processes more effective with enhanced sequence features and an all-encompassing outreach platform.


[Summary of all points, fit for use case]
In summary, Amplifiles is an incredible AI-powered sales assistant that simplifies and enhances the B2B buying process. Offering multilingual support, 24/7 lead engagement, seamless CRM integration, and actionable insights, it transforms the traditional sales process into a highly efficient, automated experience. Designed for sales teams looking to drive faster decisions and improve their engagement, Amplifiles stands out with its cutting-edge AI capabilities and ease of integration. By leveraging Amplifiles, not only can you elevate your sales pitches, but you also ensure your content remains insightful, engaging, and on-brand every step of the way.


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