June 17, 2024

All in One Accessibility

A comprehensive AI-based accessibility tool for enhancing website inclusivity and WCAG compliance.

Best for:

  • Web Developers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Accessibility Consultants

Use cases:

  • Enhancing website accessibility
  • WCAG compliance
  • Improving SEO through better user experience

Users like:

  • Development
  • Marketing
  • Compliance

What is All in One Accessibility?

Quick Introduction

All in One Accessibility is an AI-powered tool designed to make websites more accessible and inclusive. This widget is particularly useful for organizations looking to comply with WCAG standards and ADA requirements quickly and efficiently. Whether your website is small, medium, or large, this tool offers solutions tailored to your needs. The tool comes in different plans based on website size and pageviews, making it flexible and scalable. It features over 70 accessibility functions that can be customized to match the look and feel of any website.

Who is it for? Anyone running a website can benefit from this tool, from small business owners to large enterprises. The primary audience includes web developers, digital marketers, accessibility consultants, and businesses aiming to make their web content accessible to people with disabilities. All in One Accessibility brings key accessibility features like screen readers, voice navigation, and customizable color contrasts, making it an ideal choice for those aiming to enhance accessibility quickly and efficiently.

Pros and Cons


  1. Quick Installation: The tool can be integrated into any website within just 2 minutes, making it extremely convenient.
  2. Comprehensive Features: Offers over 70 features, including screen readers, voice navigation, and color contrast adjustments.
  3. Improved SEO: Enhanced accessibility often leads to better user experience and higher engagement rates, positively impacting SEO.


  1. Limited Trial Period: The free trial period is only 10 days, which may not be sufficient for thorough testing.
  2. Cost: Advanced plans can be relatively expensive for small businesses without external funding.
  3. Customization Needs: Despite its extensive features, some customization might still require additional effort and support.


  • Comprehensive AI-powered accessibility widget.
  • Quick installation and customization.
  • A suite of over 70 accessibility features.

Features and Functionality

  • Accessibility Profiles: Custom profiles for a wide range of disabilities, such as blindness, cognitive impairments, and ADHD.
  • AI Image Alt Text Remediation: Automatically generates alt text for images, enhancing screen reader compatibility.
  • Voice Navigation & Talk & Type: Allows users to navigate and interact with the website through voice commands.
  • Customizable Widget: Tailor the widget’s appearance, including color, size, and position, to integrate seamlessly with your website.
  • Live Site Translation: Translates website content into over 140 languages, increasing global accessibility.

Integration and Compatibility

All in One Accessibility supports integration with over 300 platforms, including major CMS, LMS, CRM, and E-commerce systems like WordPress, Shopify, Drupal, Magento, Joomla, and HubSpot. This broad compatibility ensures that the tool can be implemented on virtually any website without hassle.

Do you use All in One Accessibility?

The ability to integrate with Google Tag Manager and Adobe Analytics further extends its functionality by allowing for detailed tracking and data analysis.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Enhanced Accessibility Compliance: Quickly aligns your website with WCAG 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, and ADA standards.
  • Improved User Experience: Better accessibility leads to higher engagement rates and improved SEO.
  • Wide Audience Reach: Makes your website accessible to 1.3 billion adults with disabilities worldwide.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Reduces the risk of ADA-related lawsuits, which can be time-consuming and costly.
  • Customizability: Flexible options to match your site’s aesthetics.

Pricing and Licensing

The tool offers several pricing tiers based on the size and pageviews of your website:

  • Small Site: Up to 50K pageviews per month for $319/year.
  • Medium Site: Up to 100K pageviews per month for $619/year.
  • Large Site: Up to 500K pageviews per month for $1,249/year.
  • Extra Large Site: Up to 1000K pageviews per month for $2,499/year. There are also multi-site plans available, ranging from $1,559/year for up to three websites to $3,599/year for up to ten websites. Special discounts are available for non-profit organizations.

Support and Resources

Users of All in One Accessibility benefit from 24/7 support via email and access to a comprehensive knowledge base. The platform provides detailed installation guides, instructional videos, and customer testimonials. There’s also a FAQ section and resources aimed at understanding accessibility laws and compliance requirements.

All in One Accessibility as an alternative to

All in One Accessibility compares favorably to other paid accessibility tools like AudioEye. While both tools offer an array of features geared towards accessibility, All in One Accessibility is particularly noted for its cost-effectiveness and quick installation. Moreover, the extensive customization options make it a flexible choice for diverse web platforms.

Alternatives to All in One Accessibility

  • AccessiBe: An automated AI-powered accessibility tool that provides similar features but may come at a higher cost, especially for smaller websites.
  • AudioEye: Known for its robust feature set but can be more expensive and less customizable compared to All in One Accessibility.
  • UserWay: Another popular choice that offers a free version, but its premium plans can be less flexible in terms of customization and integration.


All in One Accessibility is a versatile and cost-effective solution for enhancing website accessibility. With its broad range of features and quick installation process, it stands out as a valuable tool for businesses keen on ensuring their websites are compliant with global accessibility standards. Whether you’re looking to improve your SEO, reduce legal risks, or expand your audience, this tool offers a comprehensive solution tailored to your needs.

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