June 12, 2023

AI Room Styles

Virtual staging platform for creating stylish room renderings.

Best for:

  • Homeowners looking to redesign their spaces
  • Architects visualizing project outcomes
  • Real estate agents staging properties for sale

Use cases:

  • Visualizing room redesigns
  • Creating realistic virtual staging for real estate listings
  • Experimenting with different interior design styles and colors

Users like:

  • Interior Design
  • Real Estate
  • Architecture

What is AI Room Styles?

Quick Introduction

AI Room Styles is a cutting-edge virtual staging platform designed to help users transform any room into a visually stunning space. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to redesign your living space, an architect visualizing a project, or a real estate agent aiming to present a property attractively, AI Room Styles has you covered. The tool allows for the effortless transformation of uploaded photos into new, creative renderings, complete with 3D visualizations. Through AI-driven technology, users can explore various designs, styles, and color possibilities, opening up imaginative options for room staging.

As a creative professional, I used AI Room Styles to visualize an under-construction living room. The problem I needed to solve was my inability to clearly envision how different design elements would come together. This tool facilitated my imagination process and helped me picture the future living space in a much clearer way. For users like me, who are heavily reliant on visual aids to finalize their designs, AI Room Styles serves as an invaluable companion.

Pros and Cons


  1. Realistic 3D Renderings: AI Room Styles offers high-definition visualizations that look almost real.
  2. Simplified Customization: Users can easily swap elements like furniture or room colors, offering flexibility in design.
  3. Affordable Tiered Pricing: With its free version and affordable paid tiers, the tool is accessible to diverse user bases.


  1. Limited Free Options: The free version is fairly limited, with only 20 images per month and watermarked results.
  2. Ads in Free Plan: Advertising might distract users who opt for the no-cost tier.
  3. Room Type Restriction: Although versatile, it can sometimes feel restrictive when unique or very specific room types aren’t easily categorized.


  • Generates realistic room renderings from user-uploaded photos.
  • Offers customization in designs and styles.
  • Useful for homeowners, architects, and real estate agents.

Features and Functionality

  • Mode Options: Offers a range of modes for full-room changes, single-element replacements, and transforming drawings into realistic images—enhancing creative flexibility.
  • Room Selection: Users can choose from various room types like kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc., which allows for a broader application across different spaces.
  • Style Choices: Provides dozens of styles including modern, traditional, Asian, and eclectic designs, catering to a wide variety of aesthetic preferences.
  • Color Variations: The tool allows users to select from an extensive palette of room colors, helping to find the perfect ambiance for each space.
  • Shopping Integration: After generating renderings, users can edit preferred styles or shop related furniture, making it easier to bring virtual designs to life.

Integrations and Compatibility

AI Room Styles functions as a standalone platform with no specific integrations into other software systems. This independence ensures a streamlined, focused experience that doesn’t rely on external applications. Its web-based interface means it’s accessible via any web browser, making it compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. The simplicity of not requiring additional software integrations can be beneficial for users who want a straightforward tool for virtual staging without the complexity of managing cross-platform issues.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Improved Visualization: Empowers users to clearly envision room redesigns, enhancing decision-making.
  • Time Efficiency: Saves immense time in creating and iterating design options compared to manual drawing or lengthy CAD operations.
  • Enhanced Aesthetic Quality: AI-driven styles ensure cohesive design combinations that are visually appealing.
  • Cost-Effective Prototyping: Provides a low-cost solution for staging scenes that would otherwise require expensive materials and labor.
  • High Customization: Flexible in modifying elements to tailor the space to exact user specifications.
  • Secure and Private: Prioritizes user data protection, ensuring uploaded images remain confidential.

Pricing and Licensing

  • Free Plan: $0/month; offers up to 20 generated images per month with limited styles and colors.

    Do you use AI Room Styles?

    Includes ads and watermarks.

  • Basic Plan: $4.90/month; includes up to 200 generated images per month, 35 styles and 20 colors. Offers fast generation, no ads, and no watermarks.
  • Pro Plan: $19.90/month; provides up to 800 images per month, 35 styles, and 20 colors with 2K renderings, no ads, no watermarks, and a 600 images gallery.

Support and Resources

AI Room Styles offers robust customer support including a detailed documentation library, step-by-step guides, and a community forum. Users can also benefit from email support for more specific, individual queries. There’s a rich blog section entailing design tips and best practices to help users maximize the tool’s potential.

AI Room Styles as an alternative to:

Compared to Homestyler, AI Room Styles shines in customizing specific elements within a room and offering a broader range of styles. While Homestyler focuses heavily on overall home design from scratch, AI Room Styles excels in transforming and staging existing spaces with an easy-to-use interface and faster rendering times.

Alternatives to AI Room Styles:

  • Homestyler: Great for comprehensive home design but lacks the specific detailed staging capabilities of AI Room Styles.
  • Planner 5D: Ideal for those looking for full home architecture planning but can be too generalized for users who need specific room transformations.
  • Roomstyler 3D Home Planner: Good for basic room designs but lacks the advanced customization features and visual quality of AI Room Styles.


AI Room Styles is a powerful virtual staging tool designed to cater to a variety of users including homeowners, architects, and real estate agents. From high-definition, realistic renderings to multiple customization options in styles, colors, and room types, it offers significant advantages in the home staging sector. The tool’s cost-effectiveness, ease of use, and flexibility make it an optimal choice for anyone looking to visually revolutionize their spaces. By providing tiered pricing plans, users can engage with the tool according to their specific needs and budget, ensuring considerable value for all its users. The platform stands out for its unique approach in transforming user photos into beautifully staged designs, making it a must-have for any creative professional or homeowner.

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