ABOUT The Ultimate Meeting Management Platform and Summarizer is a comprehensive, intelligent meeting management platform designed to streamline the entire meeting process, from preparation to follow-up. It captures, manages, and shares knowledge seamlessly before, during, and after meetings, placing it in the category of summarizers. With an array of impressive features and advantages, has something for everyone:

Booking Pages & Invitations: Effortlessly sync calendars, customize booking pages, and dispatch invitations to colleagues and guests.

Built-in Video Conferencing: Experience real-time collaboration with an integrated video call feature, enabling users to work on meeting content together.

Content Management & Collaboration: Efficiently manage meeting knowledge, create polls, delegate tasks, and make informed decisions.

Action Tracking and Follow-up: Streamline meeting follow-ups through a dedicated actions page, ensuring no task remains incomplete.

Adam the AI Meeting Assistant: Obtain meeting transcripts, emphasize crucial content items, convert them into actionable items, and enhance content.’s use cases expand across various sectors, making it ideal for:

Enterprises: Optimize meeting workflows, document meeting knowledge, and ensure prompt follow-ups on outcomes throughout the organization.

Small Businesses: Effectively manage meetings and their outcomes, integrating cost-saving and time-saving tools.

Individuals: Prepare, execute, and follow up on multiple projects while creating booking pages reflecting their professional image, at an affordable price.

In addition, offers integrations with existing tools, allowing users to seamlessly incorporate the platform into their existing meeting workflows. Trusted by over 15,000 formidable teams worldwide, is the smart solution that caters to all business requirements.


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