Human or Not: A Social Turing Game

Experience interactive chat sessions with the AI Powered Social Turing Game, a fun tool challenging users to differentiate between human and AI conversations.

AI Poem Generator

Explore poetry creation with Al Poem Generator, an AI tool that combines technology and artistry for personalized poems, designed for all writing enthusiasts.


PDF Chat, an AI tool in the productivity category, swiftly analyzes and summarizes files, providing instant answers and simplifying complex concepts in any PDF document.


Osum offers revolutionary business intelligence AI tools for instant research report generation, enhancing category research for businesses.


Transcript.LOL is an AI-powered transcription tool designed to boost learning and productivity, listed in the transcriber category of the AI tools directory.

Knowlee AI

Knowlee AI, found under the research category, offers a personal AI learning companion, empowering users with effective online education tools.


Speechnotes: An efficient AI tool in the transcriber category that converts speech into text.


Linnk: An educational AI tool revolutionizing the learning experience.

Lume AI

Lume AI is reshaping data mapping through AI automation as a key player in the generative AI tools category.

Imagine with Meta AI

Explore our directory of free AI tools, featuring Meta AI for generating creative images tailored to unleash your imagination and artistic potential.


Glambase is an AI-powered content creator specializing in generating personalized, innovative virtual avatars for digital interaction and marketing needs.


Jagoda offers AI-powered tutoring in over 30 school subjects, revolutionizing education with transformative learning tools.


Gamelight is an AI-powered platform designed for efficient mobile games marketing, streamlining promotional activities in the gaming industry. offers AI-powered innovation in the project management category, revolutionizing processes for enhanced productivity.

All in One Accessibility PRO

All in One Accessibility PRO is a developer tool using AI to enhance website accessibility across key global standards, with over 52 features including a screen reader, virtual keyboard, and language support.


Revoicer, an advanced text-to-speech tool, provides emotionally expressive AI voices in 40 languages, making digital content more relatable and engaging.


DecEptioner is an advanced AI tool in the copywriting category, transforming text generation with pinpoint precision.


Cotter is an AI tool in the stock trading category, using GPT-powered algorithms for insightful stock rating and evaluation.


FaceVary, a free online AI tool in the Photoshop category, aids users in dynamically changing face attributes in photos.

Spellar AI

Spellar AI is a productivity tool that uses personalized AI technology to enhance your speaking skills.